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Already at 15 years old, Dany Raï considered it as his mission, to create awareness on the music style, he
developed a taste for, and learned to love as a child. He started playing keyboard when he was just 8 years old, and was influenced mainly by arabic classic and of course Raï music. Raï has its origin in North Africa, and with his background in Morocco, Dany Raï has a special love in his heart for this genre. When he was 15, he started the
first and only raï band in Denmark, and is to this day aknowledged as the only raï artist on the danish musical scene. That has brought him to cooperate with
various great danish artists like Outlandish with whom he has performed live many times, as well as being musical composer
and featuring on their latest album ”Closer Than Veins”, with the song
”Reggada”. He is musical composer in Outlandish member Isam Bs soloalbum
”Institution” with the song ”Et Godt Måltid”. Danish folksingers like Lars Lilholt and Poul Krebs also had the pleasure of his special raï spicey on the songs ”Vi
Har Ansvaret For En Drøm” and the single ”Ildsjæl”, which was made in benefit of
the danish charity organisation Dansk Flygtningehjælp. Due to his upbringing in Copenhagen, Dany Raï has been exposed to many different mainstream music genres ike r'n'b, soul, hip hop and pop to mention some of them. He treats many different subjects in his texts like love both the sweet and sour side, family relations and society issues in all shapes, among many others, in a new and refreshing way. All this together influences his sound with a unique signature that is unknown of among raï singers around the world. Dany Raï serves a raï cocktail with original spiceys like raï, north african and arabic classic music, mixed with more known spiceys seen with
mainstream eyes, r'n'b, hip hop, pop, jazz, spanish and more. Playing the instruments keys
and percussion, composing and writing the songs himself, Dany Raï gives his music a very personal and unbelievably trustworthy touch that is further
underlined with his warm and carismatic voice and his ear hanging melodies. Raï 'n' b is a good describtion
of the album project from Dany Raï that is in the process of beeing produced with some of Denmarks best producers, one of them being Mintman,
the producer behind the Outlandish hit song ”Aïcha”, Frederik TAO (Outlandish, Brandy, Burhan G & more) and with Dany Raï's own partner in the producer team Cous Cous Clan, Joakim Harder who is also the drummer in Dany Raï's band.
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