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soulcamp Entertainment
Check out Medinas new video for the her hit song " You & I"

Outlandish new single "Feels like saving the world" out now - video on the way !

Burhan G riding high in the charts with new hit single " Jeg vil ha' dig for mig selv"

Medina new single out now " Velkommmen til Medina" already been 1 on the sales chart for more than six weeks !

Soulcamp Entertainment is a record label,Music publishing, producer & artist management run by Thomas Børresen since 1995.

The Soulcamp producers are Maximum Risk,Frederik Tao, Louis Winding, Burhan G Saqib, Providers.

The Soulcamp artists are: Outlandish, Burhan G, Medina, Isam B, Waqas, Majid, Yadam, Medina

We have produced & written songs for artists like Brandy,Jordan Taylor, Emmy Rossum, Keisha White,Booty Luv, Loick, Charlie Brown, Terry Walker, Nio, Jamelia, LOC, USO, Zena, Nina Jayne, Outlandish, Burhan G, Majid, Baya. Basim, Shirley

Done remixes for LL Cool J, Lil' Kim, City High, Donell Jones, Mary J Blige, Nelly, Craig David etc.

We are always on the look out for fresh new talent - so hit us up if you have what it takes.

We have worked in the music business for more than 13 years and below are listed some of the areas we have excelled in:

Artist Management

Concept development and execution / Events

Project Management

Soundtracks and Film Scores

Marketing/Special Marketing

Branding and identity


Business affairs / negotiation

For further information please contact me


-Artist Management

-Producer Management

-Project Management


-Business affairs / negotiation

-Marketing/special marketing

-Branding and identity


-Soundtracks & Film Scores


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