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D-Roc, of the Ying Yang Twins, and his younger brothers, Mr. Ball, 23 and Da Birthday Boy, 19 are Da Muzicianz. Having pursued their obsessive love for music southern hip-hop particularly with songs like The Walk, which appears on the YYTs platinum-selling (U.S.A.) United State of Atlanta and Get Yern, the hard-hitting crunkadelic groove featured on Still United, the Twins U.S.A. bridge release CD/DVD combo, these East Atlantans are on a quest to keep people dancing and having fun while simultaneously morphing the hip-hop game into its next phase.

It was about two years ago when I really put the foundation on it and started getting everything done, explains D-Roc, the mastermind behind the groups orchestration. Mr. Collipark saw the little footwork I was putting in. At first, D-Rocs CEO efforts werent taken serious. But after flooding the streets with flyers, posters, and t-shirts, it was only a matter of time before D-Rocs comrades realized how effective he was at balancing the artistry of being a rapper and the professionalism required to be an effective businessman.

Quite naturally, Da Muzicianz a unique proposition. You gonna have fun when you messin wit us, laughs Mr. Ball. We the people who liven up the party, you know. We aint gonna tear da club up. Instead, he continues, We gon have fun in da club. We gonna go crazy in da club.

In addition to being a conduit for celebrating and dancing in the private space of a nightspot, Da Muzicianz look at themselves as more than rappers who sync their lyrics with the instrumentation of a song. In fact, their voices ARE one of the instruments. Demonstrating this perspective, D-Roc explains: Were rappers but we feel like we put our voices on the beat to create another part of the instrument; a different pitch of some sorts. You can play the horn, and get hiiiigh, the CEO of PUNNN!!!! Entertainment suggests. You want me to play the baritone and get way down, he asks in a low voice. We dont play the instruments cuz this heres the instrument, D-Roc says while pointing at his throat. You just dont limit yourself. You got to keep the diversity. Thats why we chose the name Da Muzicianz.

D-Roc calls it diverse. Others may consider it pushing the envelope. Regardless of the terminology, it is a standard fans that have come to expect Ying of the Ying Yang Twins. The rapping, as well as the subject matter and the beats created for the lyrical content, must remain on the cusp of alternative.

Songs like Camera Phone, Girls I Know, featuring D4Ls Fa-bo, Back Get So, and Keep Ya Head Up fit this criterion. Whenever Im asked to take a picture, recalls Da Birthday Boy, nine times out of ten its a camera phone. It aint no regular camera no more cause everybody has a camera phone. D-Roc chimes in: You in the club doing a show and people are doing the little quick pic and then emailing it to their friends. The camera phone is the new wave, he concedes.

Produced by Mr. Collipark, this sure-to-be-a-hit with the hollow signature bassdrops for which Mr. Collipark is known. Girls I Know, featuring Fabo of D4L, shows the maturation of the Atlantas snap music. Produced by Mr. Collipark as well, the song includes snap and lean violin patterns and drum trends reminiscent of old 2Live Crew music. Back Get So features two new additions to the PUNNN!!!! Entertainment family: Geskie, the rapper, and Cheezy, the producer. The song is dance-centric and offers a central groove for leaning and rocking around syncopated techno keys. Keep Ya Head Up, is dedicated to people on lockdown who wont be getting out anytime soon because either they cant make bail or have been sentenced to an extended bid.

Clearly, this is one of the songs that show that Da Muzicianz are very much in tuned to their social environment. The track, produced by Cheezy, samples D-Rocs voice from U.S.A.s 23-Hour Lockdown (featuring Bun B), and a reggae-inspired breakdown containing hi-hits that tap dance around a hard-hitting 808 drop.

Set for release in May 2006, In Stores Now, the title of Da Muzicianz up-coming album, promises to show the growth of PUNNN!!!! Entertainment and Collipark Music. It took a long road to get where we got, D-Roc concludes. But we jumped in head first. Da Muzicianz are like, We want everything to be in synch. Aiight, show in sync, music in sync, appearance in sync, everything in sync. Okay, Da Muzicianz up next.
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