Birthday Boy

Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop
She’s closer than any sister or brother

She’s lovable and sweet

She’s my Mother

I never thought about it when I was small

But just for me

Mom would take a fall

I always knew mom’s love

But just never knew how much

Until that very first day of school

It felt like I had lost her touch

As I think way back

At Christmas time

Mom would run herself down

And spend every dime

She wanted something nice

To be under that tree

To see her child’s smile

Is what touched her hearts key

Whenever I would sleep

Late hours into the night

Mom would break her own rest

To make sure that I was alright

As a child our hearts are so fragile

It’s so easy to get hurt some how some place

But mom was always the first aid there

To wipe those tears off of my face

When I was sick, Mom was sick

When I was sad, so was she

When I was glad, Mom was glad

When I jumped and played, she was happy

She raised her children through hard times

And always said “with God you are able”

And through that wonderful grace of God

She kept clothes on our backs and food on the table

Even though now that I am an adult

I sometimes cry until I’m blue

Because I think of all those things

That mom had to go through

Mom, being a mom

Is the plan God had for you

Because when times got hard and dad wasn’t around

You knew just what to do

So just keep living your life

The way God intends it to be

Because when we leave this life on earth

I want to hold your hand in eternity
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