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Rochester, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / R&B / Rap
Too Big Entertainment
The Unusual Suspects (TUS) are a dynamic group hailing from Rochester, New York consisting of
JonDavid, a singer, rapper, song-writer from a musical background, and Finale, an artist who raps, writes
and produces. These two vocalists combine to create a distinctive drop, rhythmic rant, and festive flair
unparalleled by their peers. With influences that span the decades and genres of music, The Unusual
Suspects are billed as Alternative/Hip Hop/Rap/R&B artists, but the group defies categorization and
simply lets their music speak volumes. TUS are produced by Emmy Award winner Ben Parris and are signed with TORR Music/The MASKARAID Group/Island Def Jam. The Unusual Suspects has garnered respect in
the industry as well as among their myriad fans.
What are distinctive and infectious about this duo are their hilarious personalities, strong chemistry and
easy way with one another born of a lifelong friendship. Both JonDavid and Finale are dedicated to their
beliefs with faith playing a major part in their writing process. The group's motto is, "This Is Our Life
Transparent: See Through It!" In addition, The Unusual Suspects are the most riveting live act on the
circuit, connecting with their audiences from the moment they arrive until long after the conclusion of
the concert. Witnessing The Unusual Suspects' live act is a must!
Fiercely proud of their current radio hit "Slap It Up" which dropped in the Fall of 2011, TUS have
been touring, performing, and greeting their fans all over. A full-length music video for "Slap It Up" is
currently playing on YouTube and is enjoying huge popularity. The buzz surrounding the band is now
about their upcoming full-length studio album entitled The Line, due to release in early 2012. A National
Tour begins in January 2012 in the northeast that will promote their past works, "Slap It Up" and The
Line. Dates are continually being scheduled throughout the U.S.
To find the latest information please visit The Unusual Suspects (TUS) web site at For
further inquiries contact Michael Fiore Management at Tweet The Unusual
Suspects at
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