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A1. move A2. plastic A3. amends B1. voltaire B2. transit B3. pain

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BOBBY is the brainchild of Robin Hannibal, a songwriter/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark, that is also the founding member of numerous others projects, including Owusu & Hannibal (Ubiquity records), Boom Clap Bachelors (Music For Dreams), Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation) & Quadron (Plugresearch).

But this time he has done everything by himself.

"Normally I work with another singer, but I just felt that I wanted to play around more with my own voice, and use the time I normally use on other people voices, on my own instead. It was very much an experiment, and it took some time before I actually got pleased with the results, and found my sound, and I've always listened to a lot of music, but what has always fascinated me was melodies and maybe its because Iʼm also so heavily involved in the production work, playing instruments etc, that I often hear the voice as an instrument, that needs to fit with the rest of the elements and instruments in the song.

It has a role, just as the bass or the guitar has one, and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to incorporate that idea into the music."

With a big love for more head twisting experimental sounds, it seemed only natural that the quest should take place in the land of left-field music.

With inspirations as diametrically opposite as classic singers like Leon Ware or Michael Franks and newer music like Madlib or J Dilla, the 28 years old songwriter wanted to challenge himself.

"I wanted to see if it could be possible to mix more typical structured songs into modern electronic production, and listening to it now, I notice that all songs has to do with some form of movement. I think that I was going through a period of trying to redefine myself, and also taking a very serious look at my surroundings, cleaning up my closet in regards to relationships, friendships and musical collaborations. So it’s very much a document of what I've been going through the last years time"


Busy - M0ths

A1. Aft

A2. A Camphoraceous Elixir

A3. Phototaxis

A4. Chitin

A5. Dormant Presence

B1. Qaqoon

B2. Shade

B3. Witch Hunt

B4. Atlas Resounding

From Maryland, Busy, the long time collaborator with Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder/Faces), the producer of the highly limited "Raid" 7" (CIRC) and

a highlight of the recent "Beat Dimensions 2" compilation (Rush Hour), here with his first full solo EP "M0ths". 9 intergalactic beat tracks.


Daisuke Tanabe - Before I Forget

1. In

2. Deer Drop Forest

3. Vestige

4. Sigh

5. Myslee

6. my Fish

7. Brown Station

8. Danceman

9. Little Funny Fat

10. Wonder Lander

11. Kof

12. Artificial Sweeterner

13. kanon

14. No Answer ft. Monday Michiru

15. Out

Patience is a virtue, and few know that better than understated electronic beat-maker Daisuke Tanabe. After carefully honing his craft from the age of 16, it was his first EP release in 2006 that really brought him to the attention of Gilles Peterson and Pete Adarkwah. Since then he has remixed artists such as Elan Mehler and Aaron Jerome, and released music on labels like Ninja Tune, BBE, and Brownswood Recordings. Taking inspiration from jazz, folk, and reggae as well as the whole canon of electronic music, this member of Tony Nwachukwu's CD-R community knows that notes and melodies are just the guidelines for the feelings that lie beneath. Dig a bit deeper and you're guaranteed to strike gold.


Jesse Boykins III - The Beauty Created

1. Fever (J. Boykins III, J. Most)

2. Amorous (J. Boykins III, A. Coleman II, J. Most)

3. Come to My Room (J. Boykins III, S. Wyreman)

4. Whispers (J. Boykins III, S. Wyreman)

5. Shine (J. Boykins III, S. Wyreman)

6. Trust ( J. Boykins III , B. Wajdowicz , R. Del Fiero)

7. Victoria (J.Boykins III, M. Ross III, D. Moran)

8. Pantyhose (J.Boykins III, M. Ross III, D. Moran)

9. Itis (J.Boykins, S. Mckie, T. Witfield)

10. Sunstar (J. Boykins III, S. Wyreman)

11. Loopy (J. Boykins III, H. Blatt)

12. Connected (J.Boykins III, Afta-1)

13. Chanel (J. Boykins III, H. Blatt)

14. Be All Truth (J.Boykins III, S. Wyreman)

The Beauty Created is an opus of new classics that inspire the excitement of infatuation, the wistfulness of summer romance and the nostalgia of a Spike Lee joint. The album boasts an unabashed admiration of romance intertwined with Jesse Boykins III’s organic tone, innovative sound and live instrumentals.


Available in late January at Jazzy Sport & Rush Hour.

Taken from the compilationCIRCULATIONS and JAY SCARLETT present


Dorian Concept

A. 2 Feet For You

B. Slyme End


A. Bubble Sort

B. For Progressive Minds


A. Raid

B. Light Curtain

Super Smoky Soul

A. Knockout Kings

B. Naked Mole

Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program

I of Cosmos SP

A. OvertheRah

B. Krenshaw and King

Manufactured by Toyokasei and supported by Freedom School.



[12"]EN009: Take - EP EN008: Bobby - EP (June/2010)EN007: Busy - M0thsEN006: Reggie B - Prophetic Youth inc. Morgan Zarate RemixEN005: Reggie B - We R Here inc. Super Smoky Soul RemixEN004: The Big Payback - EPEN003: Super Smoky Soul - Cycling EP EN002: Super Smoky Soul - Light Smoke EP EN001: Shawn J. Period - t.b.a.


EN45005: Super Smoky Soul - Knockout Kings ft. Guilty Simpson / Naked Mole

EN45004: Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program - I of Cosmos SP

EN45003: Busy - Raid / Light Curtain

EN45002: Mono/Poly - Bubble Sort / For Progressive Minds

EN45001: Dorian Concept - 2 Feet For You / Slyme End

[CD]CIRC009: Daisuke Tanabe - Before I ForgetCIRC008: Jesse Boykins III - The Beauty CreatedCIRC007: Circulations and Jay Scarlett present - New WorldsCIRC006: Hygher Baby - Let Me Play U Something U Have Never Heard CIRC005: Afta-1 - Aftathoughts Vol. 1CIRC004: Muhsinah - pre.ludeCIRC003: Reggie B - GoCIRC002: The Big Payback CIRC001: Super Smoky Soul - Cycling DistributorsGermany: Groove AttackThe Netherlands: Rush Hour

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