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BootStroke was born through the need of playing Oi!Oi!Oi! music and sing about the things we like and hate.The band was formed in Thessaloniki in 1999-2000 by members of other Oi! and streetpunk bands of that time.The band released a demo tape and did some local gigs.All the members were from diferent cities so the band couldnt last for long like this.The band moved to Athens city with a diferent line up,members of which where playing in the Athenian skinhead band called "Streetboys".After that the story begins.
BootStroke sound is a unique powerful melodic but rough Oi!punk influenced by classic 80s British Punk-Oi! sounds, rock'n'roll and hardcore rythms.BootStroke lyrics have to do mostly with football matters,with everyday problems a single individual may have,lyrics for the working class and social problems.
Over the last years, BootStroke have made a lot of tours,they have travelled all over Greece(Athens,Patra,Pirgos,Volos,Kastoria,
Agrinio,Thessaloniki,Kavala,Alexandroupoli and Rhodes island),but also in Germany(Hamburg,Potsdam,Leipzig), France(Marseille),England(East Sussex),Italy(Bologna,Milano,Cremona,
Thanks to these gigs the band received very good reviews and gained fans from all around the world.
The band shared the stage in festivals and in single gigs with great bands such as Cock Sparrer,Cockney Rejects,Sham 69,The Last Resort,The Oppressed,
Peter and the test tube babies,Section 5,
Argy Bargy,Deadline,Discipline,G.B.H,Bonecrusher,
On file,Volxsturm,Perkele,Stomper98,
Evil conduct,Unfit,Discharger,Bull brigade,Skarface,and many many more including most of the greek Oi!punk bands.The band played in really important festivals like:"Oi the meeting"festival in Potsdam-Germany(2006)"Concrete jungle"festival in East Sussex-England(2007),"Rebellion"festival in Vienna-Austria(2008).
BootStroke in these 10 years have released : "ΞΥΛΟ ΜΕΤΑ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗΣ"(2002-Self released demo CD)"GIVE EM THE BOOTSTROKE"(2005-Self released CD) - "FOOTBALL DRINKS & ROCK N ROLL"(2009-Anfibio records CD)"PRIDE OF ATHENS"(2010-Anfibio records,Split CD with Jungle fever)"Stomper 98 - BootStroke Split series"(2011-Randale Records 45'')and participated in many various compilations all around the world.
After all BootStroke is all about good friends,Oi! music,football and beers!!!---Never lose faith!
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