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Funk / Breakbeat / Down-tempo
Bigfoot Records Canada
Mention Bigfoot Records to any forty year old soul boy or salty dread and you’re liable to be answered by a deep sigh and a distant look. Like Galaxian, “Mean Streets”, and the Fila BJ, Bigfoot was a passage of rite for the urban hipster who had foregone the wallpaper life of the burbs and headed for the hustle and bustle of uptown. Before Punk, before the picture sleeves, before the scratch and sniff gimmicks, a Bigfoot record tucked under your arm was a Masonic sign – a knowing nod and a wink to other like-minded individuals – that you were part of the in-crowd. Wide grooves for wide boys and wanton girls. Bigfoot, Philadelphia International, Casablanca, TK, Vanguard - these were the only accessories you needed to augment the mohair jumper, leather trousers, and plastic sandals that kept you apart from the pod people.

Once the masses got hold of the format and turned it into a freakshow, it was time to head further into the underground. The shock look had given way to wise-guy chic. Gabicci knitwear, Farah strides, and crocodile skin shoes. Smoking hash and hanging out with the sticksmen down at Dub Vendor. The obscure jazz-funk you scored in dingy basements down roads trodden only by gangsters, pimps and prostitutes was now augmented by the garish red, gold, green Giant 45’s of Wicked Lester, Johnny Habanero, Wax Romeo and The Smalltown DJs. Charge in the bass, knife in the treble. Hard times round the corner for most; but not for you. You moved forward. You had the music to go with the lifestyle that gave you an attitude. Forwards, no looking back.

Bigfoot Records are available exclusively through:

Groove Distribution –

1164 North Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL 60622-4019

Orders - 888.GROOVE.4
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