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No Clear Mind is an unconventional musical experiment that has been evolving constantly from 2004 till now. Being an open platform of expression for its members, the band has approached alternative ways of presentation. During these years the group has also engaged with a variety of music genres: from Indie Electronica, Post Rock, Dream Pop, up to purely algorithmic compositions and lucid improvisational forms, always being committed to the aesthetics it originally employed.
The gradual incorporation of natural instruments and the parallel musical experimentations of the band members have given No Clear Mind its distinctive sound which emerges in their latest album 'Mets'. 'Mets' is an amalgamation of cinematographic sounds psychedelic folk and improvisational ambient with a general mood to bring forward the pure melodiousness and the rhythmical perception of the 70's. No Clear Mind's first album 'Dream is Destiny' is a set of unrefined home-produced recordings and was distributed for free for many years.
No Clear Mind's comeback with live appearances as a complete group coincided with the addition of Kostas Chaliotis, Babis Theocharis and Dimitris Pagidas to the original band members Vasilis Dokakis and Lefteris Volanis.
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