I.V. Lab Studios

CHICAGO, Illinois, US
Media Production / Recording / Mixing
We are an analog and digital recording facility in Chicago with two studios- The Vault which is our large multi-room analog/digital studio and The Green Room which hosts a control room and isolation room. Both studios run Pro Tools HD 8

Console: API 1608
Korby Audio KAT(w/ u-47, and u-67 capsules)
Coles 4038 x2
Josephson e-22 x2
Neumann U-87
Gefell UMT 800
Royer 121
Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon
B&K 4011 (pair)
AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon
AKG 414 x4
AKG 451 x2
AKG D112
Telefunken M80 x2
Sennheiser 421 x4
Lawson L251
Shure 57 x8
Shure 58 x4
Neumann KU-100 Binaural Head Microphone
EV RE-20
Beyer Dynamic M160
Beyer Dynamic M500 Anniversary
Beyer Dynamic M88TG
Telefunken 251 x2
Yamaha Sub Kick

API 1608 with 16 Channel Expander-32 Pre, 48in at mix, 550a x12, 560 x4, 550b x2, Speck EQV x2
Ampex MM1200 16 Track 2" Tape Recorder
MCI JH-24 16 Track 2" Tape Recorder
Dangerous D-Box
Avalon 737 SM
Great River Mp2-NV
Focusrite Red 4
Hardy M-1
Chandler Germanium Mic Pre
API 2500 Bus Compressor
Dramastic Audio Obsidian Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressors With Brit Mod x3
Empirical Labs Derressers x2
Chandler Limited TG1 Abbey Road Special Edition Stereo Compressor
Chandler Limited Channel MKII x 2
Inward Connections TSL-3 Stereo Tube Limiter
DBX 160xt,DBX 902 x4, DBX 120xp
Universal Audio LA-2A
Universal Audio 2-610
Universal Audio LA 610
Urei 1178 x 2
Valley People Dynamite Stereo Compressor/Limiter
SPL Transient Designer 4
TubeTech CL 2A
EMT 140 Plate Reverb
Brick Audio Plate Reverb
Tapco 4400 Spring Reverb
Roland Re-201 Space Echo
Lexicon PCM 41
Furman Punch

C and C Custom Kit
'65 Ludwig.
Bosphorus Fat-Hats
Zyldian K Dark Crash 18"
Zyldian 60's Crash 18"
Zyldian 60's Ride 20"
Paiste Power Ride 20"
Paiste Fast Crash 14"
Various Traditional and Ethnic Percussion

Wurlitzer Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes Stage Piano
Wurlitzer 200-A
Hammond B3 with Leslie 147 and preamp pedal
Korg Microkorg
Korg Triton
Baldwin Tack Piano
Lawry Genie 88
Roland Juno 6
Vintage Pump Organ x2
Linndrum LM-1
M-Audio USB-Midi Keyboard Controller

Guitar Amps:
Vox AC-30
Bogner Shiva
Bogner Ecstacy 101B
Bogner Uberschall
Fatboy Chubby
Fatboy F1
Fender Vibro Champ x2
Fender Twin
Fender Prosonic
'73 Fender Bassman
Fender Bassman "Tweed"
Dr. Z Carmen Ghia
Marshall Lead 12
Mesa F-50 Rectifier
Sears Silvertone Twin-twelve
Bogner 2x12 Cab
Fender 4x12 Cab
Randall 2x12

Bass Amps:
1970's Ampeg B-15
Hartke 3500
SWR 2x10
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