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Hewhocorrupts Inc
(Lone) Wolf & Cub is a Chicago-based quartet that plays dense, thrashy, melodic metal. Drawing inspiration from the intensity of DIY/punk, bands like His Hero is Gone, Discharge, Lethargy, and the off-time riffing of At the Gates, (L)WAC melds speed and ferocity into a jarring blend of melody and mayhem.

Having spent most 2006 and early 2007 touring the states and the UK, (L)WAC finished writing/recording an as yet untitled full length album. (Lone) Wolf and Cub are preparing US and European tours to coincide with the album’s release.




7000 Dying Rats

- 97-shiki

- Harpoon


- Locrian

- (Lone) Wolf & Cub

- Parsley Flakes

Plague Bringer

- Rager

- Tusk

reviews for "may you only see sky"

"Finally! A band whose name makes sense! Like the Samurai with the baby cart full of weapons who provided the group their name sake (Lone) Wolf and Cub saunter up to the metal battlefield unleashing death upon those who get in their way. Each blast of furious riffing and thrashing drums feels like its own personal battle, the perfect sound track to a sword fight. While I doubt the band intended for their name to affect the music, I took out one of my Lone Wolf and Cub (it was Baby Cart in Hell) dvd’s, muted it and played the band over the battle scenes. I’ll be damned if it didn’t fit perfectly. This is one tech-metal band that doesn’t let the tech get in the way of a good song. This reminds me so much of older Drowning Man that it’s kind of scary. From the constantly changing guttural screams and shouts, to the evil dance of doom played out by the band itself, the elements are all there. This album is positively awesome. Get this and blast it at your next sword fight."

Mammoth Press

"There's something incredibly satisfying about this. From the very metal cover art to the doomy bass and charging guitars on disc inside, 'May You Only See Sky' is a mud and blood-splattered treat. There is some finesse, mostly down to the fact the Wolf's guitar duo can really shred. But, and it's a fantastically mucky one, they never keep their heads down long enough to lock into any old groove. 'I Swear Ive Been To This Autozone Before' would be the best thing At The Gates never wrote if it wasn't too busy cramming in mathy breakdowns and man-on-the-run screams. It's like Darkest Hour without the patience or Pantera playing punk rock. In a good way. This is a record that sounds better the louder you crank it. At top volume though it might just be the soundtrack to getting chased by wild animals, whether its a lone wolf or a whole friggin' pack."

Moderate Rock

"Wow. I'm a bit lost for words here. I was clueless what to expect from a group called 'Lone Wolf and Cub' with an album title like May You Only See Sky. Much to my surprise Lone Wolf and Cub actually play very progressive post-hardcore, drawing strongly from melodic death metal, post-thrash and hardcore. Unlike a lot of groups playing melodic death on the more metalcore side of things, these guys can: 1.)churn out some great riffs, showing flashes of impressive musicianship 2.)inject their music with a startling amount of venom and passion 3.)demonstrate some very impressive song writing and structuring skills in their arrangements. As far as I'm concerned, that already places them on top of the pile in an over saturated scene full of soulless hot topic clones and terrible At The Gates / Hatebreed / The Haunted impersonators. It was actually strange being confronted with such an abrasive and aggressive vocal style - I'm used to groups adopting melodic death metal elements to water down the abrasiveness of the music, not conduce it. The riffing and structures themselves are anything but generic and derivative. There are a few clean/acoustic guitar passages that actually fit in extremely well with the overall flow of songs, rather than following the common line of thought which seems to be 'I know! We'll just throw in an acoustic guitar intro for no apparent reason! See, we're eclectic!'. This was an extremely very impressive EP - I rarely do anything but bag new metalcore and melodic death acts, but there guys are really something else. The EP is only five tracks long, but last around nineteen minutes. Clearly a lot of time and thought has gone into the development of these songs - and that really becomes apparent after a few spins. If you are a fan of melodic death metal, more modern hardcore or even metalcore I urge you to give these guys a listen. I can almost guarantee you will be impressed. Definitely not another generic band simply adding 2 parts metalcore to 1 part melodic death metal. Check them out at their MySpace page - www.myspace.com/wolfncub - or on their record label, He Who Corrupts Inc - www.hewhocorrupts.com/wolfandcub/"


"Avant-metal wrecking crew whose lineage includes members of La Mantra De Fhiqria, Dakota/Dakota, and Russian Circles. Though it skirts Swedish metal's edges, there's something fresh, ugly and American about Sky's angular, deadly metal(core). If you like your math-rock with bloody, dripping teeth, it rarely gets better than this band's debut EP."

Alternative Press

You can buy our first EP here!

From, HeWhoCorrupts Inc



"May You Only See Sky"


$9.50 U.S.



7000 Dying Rats - Hewhocorrupts


Holy Roman


(Lone) Wolf & Cub - Plague Bringer -

Russian Circles

Tower of Rome -




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