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To simply categorize Virtigo into one simple genre would be unfair toward the unique sound they produce. The band's blend of industrial, black metal, EBM and Orchestrations puts them on a league of their own.
Staring back at the beginning of the path, the evolution of Virtigo has gone beyond the music alone. They survived multiple line-up changes since the independently released debut "Systematic Suicide" in 2005. The original line up consisted of 2 members, Shaitan on vocals & programming, and Melek on main programming and guitars. "Systematic Suicide" contained twelve brutal tracks that attracted the listener with its bewitching synthesizers, marching drums, harsh guitars and raspy screams. The album received numerous positive replies from the local scene, radio stations and the internet fans who heard it. The live line up also featured The Overman who has been responsible for the live keyboard & atmosphere since then. After quite a few successful shows, Virtigo was asked to play outside Toronto city. The next chip of upgrade was installed when Neohuman was added to play the bass guitar for the band. October 2006, a heavy storm struck when Melek's involvement with Virtigo was ended and the band was on search for a new member. In Early 2007, two new vital member joined Virtigo, Ifreet as a full time programmer and guitar player, and Devizer as a temporarily programmer. The new line up continued playing shows to support the first album while working on new material.
July 2007 saw the release of the single entitled "Dysfunctional Visions" which included 4 tracks exclusively taken from the new material that was being worked on at the time. More live shows followed the release in order to spread the word that Virtigo was back with an even more unique sound and a stronger line up. In June 2008, Virtigo entered The Recording House Studios in order to record their new album entitled "Rituals of Broken Flesh". The Album contains 11 aggressive tracks that will blast straight through every listener's cortex and give their brains a good stir. The album also sees Virtigo sounding more professional and meaner than ever before. Critics have been proclaiming "Rituals Of Broken Flesh" one the most unique albums to date (within the related genres).
When asked about what they think of their line up, the band answered "We are tighter, heavier and charged to strike with our new material. We feel extremely confident about our material". "Having this line up working on the album allowed to add elements that we could not have had in our first release". The album also has two songs that feature guest vocalists.
"Rituals of Broken Flesh" expresses Virtigo's mix of ideology and eclectic musical tastes. Thrashing guitars meld with synthetic leads torn asunder by screams to the pounding of heavy rhythmic beats. From the instrumental opener straight to the last few seconds of thrashing guitars on "The Judge of The Christian Derelict" Virtigo takes the listen by the throat and discharges their Blackened Industrial Metal straight into the cortex warping the mind. The machine is alive; positively charged to ensure that Virtigo claims their rightful insignia.
July 11th, 2009 marked the final death ritual from Virtigo. Choosing to stop fighting a barren path; the anti life latria was performed at the Annex Wreck Room in Toronto. The day where even the sky wept for the seizing of a great machine. May Virtigo rest in peace now, for this rancor world does not deserve ye.
Thank you everyone for the support in the past 5 years we will miss you all.
For those who wished us harm for whatver reason, may you rot in hell.
For those who were Underachievers in our path, may your world crumble. Those who promised a hand but would not deliver a finger, may your body limbs implode.
Shaitan, Ifreet, Neohuman, Overman
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All among Others.
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