The Electric Hellfire Club

Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Rock / Industrial
Cleopatra Records / Magick Records
The ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB was founded in 1991 by Thomas Thorn upon his departure from the seminal industrial dance outfit MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT. Since that time, the EHC has dabbled in a plethora of styles and genres ranging from electro-psychedelia to TechNoir metal. Their eclectic blend of synthetic rhythms and raging guitars has grown from an artistic anomaly to the industry standard, influencing untold legions of modern musicians and architects of evil.

Inspired by Francis Dashwood's infamous 18th Century gentlemen's club, Thorn added the "Electric" element to reflect the group's affinity for and application of current technologies as well as the electrical nature of magik and the human spirit.

Like its revolutionary-era namesake, the ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB is an un-apologetically Satanic organization. With roots deep in the Church of Satan (Thorn was ordained as a priest by its founder, Anton Szandor LaVey) the EHC has been doing the Devil's work for over a decade - spawning 5 albums and 3 mini-albums since their inception and touring with such luminaries as Danzig, GWAR, Type O Negative, Fear Factory, Coal Chamber, Godflesh, and Powerman 5000. Their legacy lives on and the band is back in action forging dark and wonderful music for the future. Tune in and turn on.they'll take you straight to Hell.
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