Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Malice (2007) Full Album - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 11, 2014
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Band: Throught The Eye Of The Dead.
Album: Malice.
Yard: 2007.
Genere: Modern Death Metal.
Track List:
1. "Failure in the Flesh" 4:08
2. "The Undead Parade"
3. "To Wage a War"
4. "A Catastrophe of Epic Proportions"
5. "As Good as Dead"
6. "Welcome to the Wasteland"
7. "Malice"
8. "To the Ruins"
9. "Dead End Roads"
10. "Interlude"
11. "Pull the Trigger"
12. "Dominate" (Morbid Angel Cover) (Bonus Track)
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