TRIST - Noční Olomouc - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 16, 2013
Trist (Czech Republic), "Noční Olomouc" from the split "Trist / Holomráz / Kaxur" (2007), Depressive | Suicidal Black metal

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● Lyrical themes:
Melancholy, Pain, Negativity, Dark Abstract Themes

● Similar bands / Sounds like / Influences:
Hypothermia, Totalselfhatred, Life Is Pain, Wedard, Happy Days, Austere, Exiled From Light, Nyktalgia, Apati, Shroud of Distress, Fornicatus, Nocturnal Depression, Lifelover, Paysage d'Hiver, Alrakis, Thy Light, Eindig, Hypomanie, Svart, Photophobia, ColdWorld, Forgotten Tomb, Leviathan, Nortt, Lantlôs, Shining, Anti, Kyla, Isolation

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