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PUBLISHED:  Nov 15, 2015
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This winter I am recording my third full-length album - an exciting collection of brand new original songs played on the banjo, kalimba, and piano - with lots of other musicians joining on string bass, fiddle, guitar, hand percussion, harmonica, and harmony vocals!

Like my last album, For Everything That's Good [2014], this one will be full of the relentlessly positive acoustic folk-soul that people from all around have been growing to love. I would be honored to have your support in making these new songs into timeless recordings.

The response to my music over the last year has been extremely encouraging: people of all ages - babies, children, teenagers, adults, and elders - seem to find something nourishing in these notes and words. It's something that gets them dancing when they haven't felt like moving, singing along when they haven't shared their voice in years, and smiling with hope in the midst of challenges.

What People are Saying:

"Travis Knapp is a brilliant musician with a resonant voice. His songs are uplifting and strong, kindling a sense of hope and optimism. He is very impressive."
- Starhawk (Activist and author of "The Fifth Sacred Thing")

"Phrases were going through my head, like, "The voice of a generation," and "The new Pete Seeger." I imagine you've heard these compliments before, so I add my voice to them. Also, I feel that people especially like music like yours when they can admire and respect the person behind the music. Your values, your honesty, and your love of life, the earth, and people, shine through."
- Judith Hendin (

"We met you at LEAF and you gave us your album as a trade for juice from our stand. We played the album on the ride back to town and were amazed at the quality and sound. Travis Knapp is an amazingly talented musician and an underrated gem that will surely be making big waves very soon! Sooo good!"
- Zack and Jenni (Roaming in the Raw)

Find the full Indiegogo campaign here:
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