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Ska / Reggae / Pop
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2010 kicks off both with an accolade and a burst of energy!.The newly launched CBGB radio station – powered by Clear Channel – has named the Toasters as one of their 20 core artists, ranking the band in the august company of The Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Television and Patty Smith. With this tip of the hat, The Toasters role in the musical mayhem springing out of the NYC music scene as been roundly endorsed. As the New Year also ushers in comeback tours from the Specials and Madness - as the pendulum swings, - things are once again looking up for the Ska music genre both at home and abroad, so The Toasters once again embark on their blistering tour itinerary which upcoming set of dates will take them to places as diverse as Moscow and Istambul., Guadalajara and Zagreb. Now in their thirtieth year of touring the band is in top gear and has stamped an indelible imprint on the fabric of independent music. They will celebrate with a set of 200 dates in 2010 commencing with concerts in Mexico and the West Coast. And then moving over to Europe where they will play at the International Ska Circus event
Lead singer Bucket and his foreign legion of hard-riding Ska troopers played their first gig at the legendary A7 club on the lower east side of NYC in 1981. Attributing their success to the fact that they have always remained their own masters and never sold out, they go where they wish and strike when they please. Considered by critics and fans alike to have launched the phenomenon which came to be known as 3rd Wave Ska, the band has taken their trademark sound worldwide ab=nd blazed a trail worldwide. Dubbed “Ska pioneers” by billboard magazine, they have paved the way for bands like the Bosstones, the Slackers and the Aggrolites.
In 1985 the band caught the ear of a young Joe Jackson who produced many of their early releases and helped propel them along their way. They founded Moon Records which forged the careers of scores of artists such as No Doubt, Hepcat, The Slackers and the Pietasters. They composed music for film and television, broke into MTV, and even wrote a jingle for Coca Cola as well as a christmas album and the theme tune for Nickelodeon’s Kablam, releasing a slew of live recordings along the way.
In the meantime there has been a lot of water under the bridge, a catalogue of music released, millions of miles traveled, thousands of shows played, but all of it has benn 100% Ska. These days – as Buck says – it’s all about live touring and that’s what the band does best. From an all-ages arena in Arizona to a cultural club in Cracow the Toasters are all over the map. The 2010 crew will feature bucket on guitar and vocals, Steve Russo on drums, Thad Merritt on bass, Logan LaBarbera on trombone, Neil Johnson on sax and Rich Graiko on trumpet.
Things may come, and things may go, but the Toasters; tour goes on forever!
The Toasters are partnered with:
Ska Brewing Company
Reverend Guitars
Ernie Ball
Modern Action Clothing
Greasy Groove
Conn Selmer / Ludwig
Istanbul Cymbals
Pick World
Aurora Guitar Strings
The Malima Project - helping Africa one village at a time.

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29 years, 5000 live concerts, 16 albums, a million miles.but most of all - 100% SKA

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