The Starkweather Boys

Oklahoma, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rockabilly / R&B / Country
Charlier Records

The Starkweather Boys are an All-American variety show. Comprised of four different Oklahoma musicians from four different sects of roots music, The Starkweather Boys joined together in 2004 to play the darn heck out of the best styles of American music ever set to acetate. Authentic explosions of Jump Blues, Rockabilly, Quick Two-Steps, Western Swing, Smokehouse Blues, 1940's R&B, Honky Tonk, Guitar Instrumentals, Hillbilly and straight up 50's Rock N' Roll comprise The Boys' high-energy sets.

" A truly tight Rockin' band of great musicianship which I really appreciated. with great songs and also whom I dug personally as great guys." - Alain Whyte - Frontman for Red Lightning, guitarist/collaborator for Morrissey
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