the stabs

Melbourne, AU
Artist / Band / Musician
Art School Dropout/Cass Records/Weather Records
Since their inception in 2003 THE STABS have independently toured America, Malaysia, Taiwan and New Zealand numerous times. They have released three 7” singles, sold out two pressings of their debut album Dirt, supported the likes of Mudhoney, Rowland S Howard, The Scientists and Lubricated Goat and continue to play shows all over Australia.

2009 has seen The Stabs play the inaugural Australian All Tomorrows Parties festival at the request of curators Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. They’ve also made a trip across the ditch to play New Zealand’s legendary Camp a Low Hum and recently played the Music Terminals festival in Taiwan. The Stabs' new album DEAD WOOD is out now on Spooky Records.


Split Lips/House Of The Peter Gunn 7" (Stained Circles) $10

Wading/That's It 7" (Weather Records) $10

The Woods/Six Foot Rodent 7" (Cass Records) $10

Dirt CD (Art School Dropout Records) $20


Get in touch, don't be shy

“They sound like Thurston Moore reviewing The Birthday Party” Ben Blackwell (The Dirtbombs/Cass Records)

“Think of an angrier, fuzzier Mudhoney and you’ll be in close proximity” Chris Grier (Mess and Noise/To Live and Shave in LA)

“Think The Scientists jamming with The Dream Syndicate aboard an out of control school bus.” Nicky Shutdown (Shutdown 66/Corduroy Records)

“If anybody in Australia has taken over the mantle of revered older players like Rowland S Howard, Kim Salmon and Stu Spasm and added something entirely their own to the mix, it’s them. There have been a number of bands inspired by these artists in recent times, but what The Stabs demonstrate is how important it is to outgrow these influences and develop a style entirely their own. As such, Bad Seed Mick Harvey’s choice to invite The Stabs to play ATP was an inspired one that cements their place as one of our most extraordinary and potent bands.”

– Rene Schaefer (Mess and Noise)
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