The Robot Ate Me - They Ate Themselves - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 20, 2014
2000 debut album from The Robot Ate Me, the brainchild of Ryland Bouchard.

0:00 Our Bones Were Chalk
2:48 Tied to the Car
4:15 They Ate Themselves
7:22 Sugar & My Rotted Teeth
11:55 You Smile
13:56 A Harp (...and How You Cut My Strings)
16:30 After the War
18:14 Kept Our Hands Warm
21:02 (What It Felt Like to Fall)
21:53 Everyone Was Still
25:03 We Ate Eachother
27:47 In the Fire
30:54 What We Thought Was Fog
37:43 Goodnight: I Almost Died!
40:57 They Killed You
44:21 So We Stopped
46:30 You Died... An Afterthought
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