Camp Lo

BRONX, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Soul
Soul Fever/SRC/Universal
Since breaking onto the scene with 1997's classic Uptown Saturday Night Camp Lo has been on a musical journey filled with their own brand of BX Slang, Blaxploitation Narratives and the soul of Black Culture. It's all hip-hop and it has always been innovative. The Hip-Hop Classic Luchini (aka This is It) introuduced the world to a new sound and seeing the video elevated the group further as it introduced their style of fashion and the high life as imagined through the eyes of forward thinking black men living in new york. Camp Lo brought vintage street fashion and culturally rich slang to the golden era of hip-hop. While others contributed to hip-hop with word play and clever nursery rhyme themed lyrics and others were obnoxiously street, Camp Lo spoke to the true urban experience. They were Grown and Sexy before it was cool to be. They were Black, they were artistic and well dressed. Looking back, Camp Lo was far ahead of their time and in speaking with the group's members you will find that it was the plan all along. Though not highly publicized the groups vision is what really sets them apart from all others in music. Throughout their albums there are reaccuring themes and characters. Their Harlem Renaissance inspired, Blaxploitation slang is often misunderstood and labled as " " but is actually a detailed description of the surroundings, movements and fashion that is Camp Lo. Sonny Cheeba for years was critisized for not always rhyming but he still was captivating with his delivery. This could be because the story was more important the rhyme. The tone, the mood that was set was more important. Camp Lo is a rare breed of mc that has always had the potential to be as loved above ground as underground. In the streets and in high society, they blend just the same always standing out just enough to resonate. For Camp Lo music is a canvas on which they can draw sketches on before painting their masterpiece.
Uptown Saturday Night was heralded as a masterpiece when it was just the blueprint for things to come. Uptown was their star wars to set the story in motion. To truly understand you need to know the language, understand the setting and read the whole story before forming an opinion.
Their sophomore release Let's Do It Again (2002) was an experiment that fused their 80's influence with Blaxplotation Themes. It also embodied southern blues components that by design was not the Uptown Sound. Let's Do it Again introduced new characters, new settings and lingo. It took us to planet Rock to get that Glow and while major markets and big cities did not gravitate towards the sound it was praised and accepted in the south where the blues influence and instruments were favored. This was done by design planned liek a great Diamond Heist would be. It also set things in motion to gain new international contacts. During what seemed to be a hiatus froim the music game Camp Lo established their brand as hip-hop visionaries from the BX across the world. Collaborations with DJ Honda, Will Smith, Kid Capri, Stimulated Dummies and De la Soul fell def to the mainstream but was adored by hip-hop lovers in Japan and Europe. During this time Camp Lo recorded over 70 songs. Those that didn;t find there way to compilations or released as independently stay locked in the vaults.
The public reemeergence of this dynamic duo came in the form of 2007's Black Hollywood. Black Hollywood received great reviews and was only limited by the resources to promote and distribute it. Black Hollywood was the soundtrack of what Camp Lo for years had been imagined to be. The album boasted old school drums and elements from electro 80's funk with Classic 70's Soul. The Superfly themes also introduced us to Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba's alternate ego's Stone & Rob which were further explored by the group on their 2008 release approprietly titled Stone and Rob caught On Tape. For fans of the cinematic cult classic Coolie High, Stone & Rob can be remembered as the poetic thugs that .With the release of Another Heist Camp Lo completes it's trilogy of the Stone & Rob experience that started with Black Hollywood. Produced by Camp Lo's quiet 3rd member Ski Beats (Producer of Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt) Another Heist takes the listener deeper into the essence of the diamond crook alter ego. This time the trip adds the soulful jazz elements of the blaxplotation era and those influenced by that sound in the 80's. It completes a journey through all elements of Black music (Blues, Jazz, African Music) and Black Culture.
Camp Lo has a few more stops on this soul train before reaching destination A Piece of the Action, the long awaited major label return of Camp Lo!!
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Kristi Clifford 212.529.6400 e-mail
Mark "Spitz" Di Vita 650.274.9401
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