The Len Price 3

Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Pop / Rock
Wicked Cool (USA)
To buy the Len Price 3 new album "Pictures" just click on the link below

The Len Price 3 are a garage pop band hailing from the Medway Towns. Their sound is forged in the Medway tradition, fusing driving energy and catchy hooks.

On disc and at live shows The Len Price 3 offer a truly memorable and invigorating sonic experience.

Utilising vintage analogue equipment at full throttle, the live Len Price 3 experience channels that dynamic power into performances few bands can ever dream to muster.Comparisons will ultimately fall short of the mark, so do yourself a favour and give in to the sound of The Len Price 3.

The Len Price 3 were like a gargantuan Pac-Man machine, hungry for back street blues and leaving the crowd looking like startled bunnies.

Dressed alike in stripy onion-seller shirts, they twisted their 30 minute stage run into a blur of boogie, basted in sludge and grime.

Forged in the fertile fields of the Medway Delta, the Len Price 3 are like surf-pop geniuses The Barracudas, should they have adopted Chatham as a base.

They played without let up and with a sharpness that would tear through the peacock suit of the most stylised sixties mod.

Indeed vocalist and main guitar mangler Glen Page struts about with a wired-ness that would knock Wilko Johnson astride.

Plenty of paltry pretenders have similar vintage gear but, like the exact opposite of parcel delivery services, the Len Price actually deliver the goods.

Pounding primeval punk paste that sets your teeth on edge like a tart Granny Smith's apple.

To buy the Len Price 3 new album "Pictures" just click on the link above
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