gris gris

OAKLAND, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
birdman records
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Greg Ashley Requiem Mass CD

Greg Ashley Requiem Mass LP

gris gris live at the creamery CD

gris gris live at the creamery LP

greg ashley medicine fuck dream tour shirt

Gris Gris st debut CD

gris gris st debut lp

gris gris for the season cd

gris gris for the season lp

the mirrors a green dream double lp (greg's band before gris gris)

the mirrors a green dream cd (greg's band before gris gris)

the mirrors 13 patient flowers lp (greg's band before gris gris)

the mirrors 13 patient flowers cd (greg's band before gris gris)

greg ashley "medicine fuck dream" lp

greg ashley "medicine fuck dream" cd

greg ashley "painted garden" lp

greg ashley "painted garden" cd

gris gris pick up your raygun (acoustic version) 7"

gris gris mary 38 b/w baby your mine now 7"

the mirrors medication number 1 b/w patient flowers (electric version) 7"

the strate coats 7" (greg's punk band from 1997 includes 8 songs)


The Gris Gris - Medication 4 (dir: Zack Kasten)

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I am a record producer. I have a recording studio in a warehouse in downtown oakland. It is an analog studio with a one inch 16 track tape machine. there is some pictures of the studio in my pics if you wanna see what it looks like. here is a list of the equiptment that is available for use at my studio: full drum kit, console piano, hammond organ, vox jaguar organ, realistic moog synth, vibraphone, pump organ, steel drum, wurlitzer electric piano, emu sampler, peavy solid state keyboard/bass amp, 1950's gretsch practice tube amp (great for leads), solid state 70's acoustic bass amp, vintage silver face fender deluxe reverb tube amp, 12 string, nylon and steel 6 string acoustic guitars, a bunch of different percussion toys, tamborine, shakers etc., there is also a live reverb chamber next door to my studio that sounds great for vocals or well anything else you want reverb on. my goal when recording / producing records is always to get a natural realistic sound. i try to not use any fake reverb if possible. there is so much over manipulation of music with digital technology these days. anyways, i charge $1500 to record a full length album, that includes mixing and mastering. you have to buy the one inch tape. or if you only wanna do a couple songs it's $180 a song, and that includes the tape. thanks, greg ashley
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