The King Khan & BBQ Show

Quebec, CA
Artist / Band / Musician
Death Metal / Progrsv House / Christian Rap
In The Red / Goner / Crypt / Hazelwood/ Norton /
Now, I could tell you about Mark Sultan, I mean, BBQ's

past in bands like Les Sexareenos or The Spaceshits. I

could tell you about King Khan's pseudo-celebrity in

Europe, or his own past in The Spaceshits, or his solo

work. But you probably wouldn't give a shit. So let's

talk about the real nitty gritty - The King Khan & BBQ

Show. First, I must say that these guys are fuckin

blood brothers, man. Real tight. They always

maintained that they would lay waste to this miserable

world. And so they began in 2002. BBQ visiting my man

King Khan, and jamming out their black magick in his

Nazi-bunker rehearsal space. Songs flowed endlessly

like blood from a cancerous abcess. They took it easy,

honing their craft, playing sporadically to crowds

outraged by their incredible sound and nasty live

show. Orgiastic, anarchic, hypnotic and personal are

the shows to this day. I've seen the blow-jobs and

blood, the pick-ups and puke, the dancing and the

laughing. Two guys. One smashing snare, bass drum and

tambourine with his bare feet, molesting his guitar

and singing like a possessed angel. The other spinning

and howling like a freak while belting it out on his

guitar like a real gone savage. What does it all sound

like? It sounds like five men. People throw the

typical suspects into their descriptions as a defense

against the real sound: The Velvet Underground, 13th

Floor Elevators, Black Flag, The Falcons, Sam Cooke,

The Users, The Sonics, The Cramps, Bo, Jerry Lee, The

Gonn. Their sound is all of this and more, but all

of their own. The show? A mess. Love songs, punkers,

improvised riot-starters, dance-floor shakers,

sing-along stompers, wild rockers - you name it. They

always drench the crowd in raw energy, and they're

always the last ones dancing and drinking at the bar.

They've toured the US, Europe and South America. They

are international antiheroes and ambassadors. After a

sold-out 7-week tour of the USA this past autumn,

championed heavily by the American media, The King

Khan & BBQ Show are ready to conquer Australia, Israel

and Europe to make clear what so many music fanatics

already know - they are easily one of the top, most

highly regarded rock'n'roll bands in the world. They

are coming to support Los Angeles' In The Red Records

reissue of their 'classic, mind-blowing' debut album,

originally released in 2005, as well as a new,

instantly sold-out EP on the highly revered Crypt

Records. The band is at the top of their game, covered

by bands like The Black Lips and Jon Spencer's Heavy

Trash and cited as 'one of the best live shows in the

world' right now. They are an awesomely surreal site

to behold; a stunning garage rock machine of the

highest calibre, playing incredible original hits that

never end. From youngsters to oldsters alike, their

crowds sing along incessantly and let their

freak-flags fly in joyous solidarity when The King

Khan & BBQ Show hit the stage, clamouring like

entranced dervishes to be a part of a growing

phenomenon. Give into their spell and live forever.

Watch and enjoy:

pig pig:

waddlin' around:

heavy trash covering hold me tight:

fish fight:

-Allen Ginseng
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