The Dolly Rocker Movement

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Psychedelic / Garage / Folk
Off The Hip
'Why isn't any band in America making music this beautiful?' - Greg Shaw (R.I.P.) Bomp Records

'The Dolly Rocker Movement are a psychedelic rock band, smattered with pop sensibility like ink blots dropped onto a celluloid backdrop. Lead singer, guitarist and psych-pop auteur Daniel Poulter oozes the type of stage charisma you'd associate with the iconic rock stars who now dominate 60's pop memorabilia. The songs are underpinned by riffs so sweet and succulent they'd bring a tear to Anthony Bourdain's eye.'
- Patrick Emery - Beat Magazine - Nov 2007

Many questions to answer. Many answers to question. Our world is filled with electric sunshine and a blistering blend of flowering psychedelia, chemical country & a dusty garage vibe.
One way to get high is to come along for the ride.
The Dolly Rocker Movement formed late 2002 in the inner surrounds of Sydney, Australia. With ideas derived from the more primitive side of rock 'n' roll & a sound that bears a true influence of late 60's garage/psychedelia, freakbeat & west coast folk.
2006 saw the release of The Dolly's debut album, Electric Sunshine. After only 5 months and a string of warm reviews, The Dolly's released their second album 'A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine'. Both albums are available through Australia's Number 1 garage label Off The Hip
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Here is a film our mate Zoltan put together of us playing 'What's that Sound' from a gig at Spectrum some time ago (cheers heaps Zoltan):

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