the sun blindness

Melbourne, Victoria, Au
Artist / Band / Musician
Sensory Projects

the sun blindness are guys who make psychedelic music. they believe in the felt presence of immediate experience, love, wonder, epiphany and the creative expression of such. formed in late 2004. druggy, melodic songs & droning, hypnotic meanderings. everything is imminent, everything comes right. a transparent dream beneath an occasional sigh.

Debut Album "Like Pearly Clouds" is out now on CD by Sensory Projects/Inertia

Some nice things some nice people have said about us recently -

"a remarkably ornate and detailed psychedelic suite of songs that shimmer and melt in the mind. Created on 4-track recorders at home, it's the fruition of hours of mind-expansive melody and intricate thought sound, a bliss bomb seamlessly assembled" - Stephen Walker,

"the sun blindness take the listener on a mesmerising trip through rich, colourful soundscapes of infinite breadth and depth" - Patrick Emery, Beat.

"the sun blindness are tripping some truly illuminating, positive territory. Beautifully 'up' in general, as if cruising for the perfect, slow-unfolding acid dawn - there's an old style, sensory exoticism to the duo that captivates without demand; free of self-serving sentiment, happy in itself and bent for real on cosmic harmony" - Mark Gomes,

"the record is almost insidious just how it weighs itself so calmly and dreamily on you, it’s just enchanting. At times, Like Pearly Clouds approaches the skewed weirdness of Nick Drake; others the otherworldly time-lapse of Boards of Canada, but above the various influences it absorbs it retains a unique feel, one that's all coastal. Some moments are so lush that it hints at this almost mystical nature-becoming-song vibe." - Lawson Fletcher,

"there are perfect webs of guitar layered with the sparsest percussion. It recalls, but doesn't copy, the Spacemen 3 sound circa Playing With Fire. Possibly topping that classic psych band, the Sun Blindness manages to fuse the softer side of Sonic Boom's drones with the proto-spiritualized sound of Jason Pierce's songs in a way that the Spacemen were never able to do" - Dr. Schluss,

"at its best, Like Pearly Clouds succeeds somewhat in reconciling the two opposing paradigms of much genre music – that of the need for all-pervasive mood together with a yen for pop conciseness that makes such ambience more than mere sounds and thus, truly great." - Thomas Mendelovits,

"the sun blindness have a certain lightness of touch that gives them a sound all their own. Their music is more dreamy than drone-y, more delay than distortion The two guitars work together beautifully, combining to produce a sound that is widespread and evocative" - Tom Hawking, Inpress.

"a big, beautifully dreamy sound with mainly just two guitars, delays, vocals and percussion, conjuring droning landscapes and beautiful harmonies not dissimilar to The Beach Boys. For me, this album reminds me of so many things, all of them good, portraying a blissful ambience" - Wayne Stronell,

"if this album were a day, it would be a stinking-hot Saturday in summer; the horizon shakes and vibrates, the road burns the soles of your feet and the only place you want to be is the pub, sitting in the beer garden leaning over a pint. It's a luxurious, laid-back pot of psychedelia, full of echoey guitars and sweeping synths, with Tor's smooth vocals washing over the top equal parts sunshine and moonshine" - Alex Fregon, mX.
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