The Dirty Backbeats

Leicester, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Psychedelic / Blues / Punk

We have a handful of gigs before the end of the year and would like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who has supported us over the last few years to come along and see us off in good fashion.

31st OCT – STAMFORD w/ The Surgens


14TH NOV – 93 FEET EAST – LONDON w/ Eighties Matchbox

13TH DEC – SUMO – LEICESTER farewell party with Viva Stereo/ambrose tompkins/djs/lightshow!

There are a number of backbeats 7” singles still available at knockdown prices at the gigs. You can also purchase our singles on i tunes and all other good download sites. We will also have other paraphenalia available at the last gigs.

Our sincere and grateful thanks are extended to anyone and everyone who has played with us, put us on, put us up, recorded us, looked after us, cleaned up after us and most of all supported us in anyway. We have had an amazing time over the many years of being together as a band and we all feel it is now time to move onto pastures new and end on a high.





The Dirty Backbeats are a high octane 5 piece combo from Leicester blending Beefheart's mystic blues skitz, Love's RnB infused psychedelia and a healthy dose of English eccentricity. The band honed their sound throughout 2005/6, attracting attention from national and local media and as a result have developed an enviable live reputation that has seen them compared to artists as diverse as The Cramps, The Who, Tom Waits and Kings Of Leon.

This acclaim has grown considerably with recent airplay on BBC Radio6 from Steve Lamacq, Rob Da Bank and Marc Riley and Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1. The Band recorded a session for BBC Radio 2 for the Mark Lamarr show who has featured tracks from the band many times, including whilst covering for Jonathan Ross on his Saturday morning Radio 2 show.

New songs are to be previewed at forthcoming shows before the year is out, whilst there is also talk of an EP release later in the year


Timeout 08

Mark Lamarr faves The Dirty Backbeats, whose contageously eccentric psychedelic blues rock draws on Syd Barrett, The Cramps and Tom Waits with much eye-rolling and yelping from their amiably bonkers frontman.

"And there are much worse ways to spend a warm afternoon in a boiling Musician Stage tent than locals The Dirty Backbeats. The Mark Lamarr favourites look like three bands compressed into one and sound like about six, to be precise the Sonics, the Magic Band, Tom Waits, the Doors, Love and the Cramps. All that injected with several bucketfulls of energy goes into making their uniquely riotous psychedelic circus mutant blues sound, all sudden switches and tightly coiled rockouts, yet what makes them such a live spectacle is frontman Grant, entering the stage in a fox mask and unable to go a second without some sort of twitch, gesticulation, gurn or jump, hanging from the PA and stage structure and heading deep into the full tent on a couple of occasions. This is the third time we've seen them and they keep getting better and better, but the array of stunned faces exiting the tent and making directly for the merch tent told its own story". SweepIng The Nation on the Summer Sundae Festival 2007

"The Dirty Backbeats get off to a false start when someone forgets to turn singer Grant's mike on, but once sorted their superbly out-there sound crystallises. Their fractured sound could easily have found a home on the famed Nuggets compilation, variously also reminiscent of the psychedelic explosion, Tom Waits, Love, the Cramps, mutant blues and all warped points west. Enhanced by Grant's unstoppable manaical mid-song gurning and 'dancing' and an ultra-tight band, unsuspected observers all around us are drawn in to what can only be summed up, using someone else's words, as a "gypsy circus troupe" and a spectacular way to, erm, end the build-up."Metro Newspaper on The Summer Sundae Fringe Festival 2007

"Like a gypsy circus troupe with rabid Jack White ringmaster, The Dirty Backbeats act like they're the first to grow their hair and play awesome psychedelic garage rock." The Fly 2006

"The Dirty Backbeats currently have a single doing the rounds via Sorted entitled 'The Bop' which we will be sending out begging letters for on the evidence of 'Sticks 'n' Bones' featured here - surreal kaleidoscopic helter skelter swamp pop that's part Pretty Things 'SF Sorrow' renting a vacant space from loon landlord Tom Waits inside the weirdly eccentric mind of Vivian Stanshall while being wrestled into dayglo oblivion by lashings of 60's keys - damaged stuff indeed."

The Sunday Experience -


An unsigned band’s ability to crowd a large number of bodies into a small venue is a sure sign that things are afoot. When the band in question is as unique and off kilter as The Dirty Backbeats, that hometown buzz is entirely deserved.

A frenzied freakshow of psychedelic blues, wacky rock headfuck and captivating song structure, The Dirty Backbeats can do no wrong tonight. Frontman Grant, darkly eccentric, jerks around the stage as if treading on live wires, while hirsute keyboardist Lee provides all manner of aural hues and panto weirdness. Like a less dense Eighties Matchbox paired up with a modern, schizo take on The Doors, this is a band whose engagingly familiar components are twisted up in a way that makes them utterly unlike anyone you’ve seen before.

The galloping ‘Nightwatchman’ is equal parts quirky quickstep and Sir Digby Chicken Caesar from ‘That Mitchell And Webb Look’. Set closer ‘The Bop’, clearly a crowd favourite, is first ominous and then charging like a nutter, while new songs comprise extraordinary time changes and bursts of colourful English eccentricity. The Dirty Backbeats are a band you need to watch twice just to confirm your drink wasn’t spiked.


Steve Bebee Kerrang Magazine Dec 2006

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The Bop - The Dirty Backbeats

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