Hijak Oscar

York, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Blues / Soul / Rock
Like an unwilling phoenix from the ashes, Fox North Coalition have left behind the legacy of Hijak Oscar and moved on to develop their own style of harmonica driven blues that sounds unlike anything else of its genre out on the scene today. Tim Fox’s lyrics have taken on a darker and more dangerous edge that are complemented by Vin North’s distorted acoustic riffery. The trio is completed by Steve Bradley on drums and percussion, making a return to recording and performing after a long hiatus. FNC will be playing at The Waggon and Horses, Lawrence Street, York on Saturday 9th October.

The band are currently recording their self-produced debut album “A Block for the Wigs”, which boasts a number of new compositions, including the foot stomping blues-rockers ’Pleading For Sympathy’, ‘Melancholy Tree’ and ‘The Heist’ alongside darker and bleaker acoustic cuts like ‘An Eye for an Eye’. Some choice cover versions are thrown in for good measure. Steve Earle’s ‘CCKMP’ is given the full FNC treatment while Jim White’s beautiful song ‘A Perfect Day to Chase Tornadoes’ could have been written by the band themselves.

satalite muscians include two members of hijak oscar Carl Hetherigton and Dan Hill.
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