Viva Joe Strummer - The Clash and Beyond - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 21, 2012
Here is an amazing documentary, which tells the story of Joe Strummer, former Clash legend and defining figure of British popular music.

As a Celebration of his life and his music, with exclusive interviews from band members, close friends, roadies and fans, this film gives an insight into the artist whose sudden death in 2002 came as a shock to the music world.

Interviewees include Mick Jones, Topper Headon, Jonny Green, Glen Matlock, Pennie Smith and more. Also featured is music from Joe Strummer,The Clash and The Mescaleros. You can see footage of performances of Tommy Gun, Graceland, London Calling, White Riot and many many more.

Narrated by Robert Elms

Documentary Chapters:
Chapter 1. First Impression
Chapter 2. Early Days
Chapter 3. Punk... So What Was That All About?
Chapter 4. Leader of the Pack
Chapter 5. The Fans
Chapter 6. We Gotta Move On
Chapter 7. Backlash
Chapter 8. Amerika
Chapter 9. The Man Behind the Mask
Chapter 10. Words and Music
Chapter 11. "I Am Not Che Guevara"
Chapter 12. That Split
Chapter 13. The Wilderness Years
Chapter 14. The Mescaleros
Chapter 15. Joe At 50
Chapter 16. Deja Vu
Chapter 17. Joe R.I.P
Chapter 18. Legacy
Chapter 19. Strummerville
Chapter 20. Memories

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