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dortmund, DE
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Stagger Records
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TEX NAPALM is the antithesis of his own belief, the man that time forgot. Apart from doing his 'thang' for twenty years right about now, this man has been the singer and guitar player of THE IRON COBRA ORCHESTRA (since 2002, www.myspace.com/ironcobraorchestra) and the legendary MOTORCYCLO SADISTO (since 1995 www.myspace.com/themotorcyclosadisto), also hits the strings for germany's psychobilly & death country legend THE RAYMEN (since 1999, www.myspace.com/hankrayandtheraymen), his fellow MARK STEINER, experiments with TEAMFOREST and even appears as bass player in doom rockers AZUL BLACK MESSIAH. He used to play in the country-delirious THE TWO GUN MOJO, also has been with VAMPYRE STATE BUILDING (1998-2001, www.myspace.com/vampyrestatebuilding) and ZOMBIE HOTEL, and a massive number of rightfully forgotten projects. Recent works include the fertile collaborations with his lost french brother DIMI DERO (with whom he plays in the ASHTRAY HEARTS, alongside guitarman THE DUSTY ONE and manic Lo' SPIDER, as well as in their transatlantic incarnation, featuring the BELLMER DOLLS' ANTHONY S. MALAT on bass), LISA BAREL, RAMBLIN' RENE and his latest, dark-folked occupation as one half of THE BLACK WIDOW STRANGLERS. *****************************

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CURRENT NEWS:that fierce beast "DIONYSUS RISING" will be released via STAGGER RECORDS on VINYL ONLY in april (STAGG005), so duck & cover, you bats out there. As you want this record very very bad, i suggest you place your orders at www.myspace/staggerrecords pretty soon. If couching doesn't kill me in cold germany, I will also hit the road in april with my ragged company of DIMI DERO (if he survives his trips to OZ and taiwan - but i know how to handle a drum machine, no worries), THE DUSTY ONE and fellow rock'n'roll animal LO' SPIDER, so if you're living in france, chances are you'll have to witness what we come up this time, disguised as TEX NAPALM & THE ASHTRAY HEARTS. the texophone was only the beginning.

FURTHER DEMOLITION: autumn might see us (TEX NAPALM, DIMI DERO & ANTHONY S.MALAT) return to the U.S. - as soon as details are clear, we need your help, because last time has been just too good for us as that we could dare to expect to pull that number twice.



the demon crooner is awake and not well (or just a little bit too.): 11 tracks (dionysus rising-alpha/ boogie & howl/ sweet danger/ the lovvvvzou/ scratch/ this hellfire/ room no.8/ to a bright & sunny day/ this is why/ come back for more/ dionysus rising-beta).check www.myspace.com/staggerrecords for updates on this

Tex Napalm, Dimi Dero & Anthony S. Malat - Blood For Free
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