tamara dearing

Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Folk / Alternative
Playing musical chairs with genres comes quite naturally to Tamara Dearing who at age three developed an ear for music with the gift of a toy piano. After years of pleading with her mother she began piano lessons at age seven. However being a Navy brat made it difficult since the family was often uprooted and separated from both piano and teacher. During this time Tamara was exposed to New Orleans' jazz and hurricanes, San Francisco's earthquakes and symphonies and finally settled into the lush steamy summers and gloriously white winters of Southern Indiana where her father retired. Tamara began performing her music at the age of 17 when a friend asked her to play keyboard in his band.
After completing a B.A. in Theatre at Hanover College Tamara moved to Louisville, KY to intern at Stage One Children's Theatre. She has remained ever since, building her musical repertoire and experience resulting in her most recent work, "What Animates You." The latest album is a much more polished mature sound combining Tamara's signature rhythmic lyrics and characteristically upbeat layered vocal arrangements with fun beats against a lavish orchestral backdrop.

tamara dearing: close your eyes and healPiano-driven poetic folk. Her lyrical honesty and soaring melodies tell the stories of life.

tamara dearing: yesterconfessionspiano driven smart folk with a punch
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