The Slow Break

Louisville, Kentucky, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Indie / Alternative
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The Slow Break debut album is "gloriously ragged and energetic, brimming with urgency and the sort of inspired chaos that typifies the genre at its rambunctious, rollicking best!"--------------------------------------------------------------------------


"The Slow Break are one of those bands that everyone talks about seeing.their music is quite memorable and superbly inovative."-----------------------------------


"The Slow Break is delightfully sloppy. It is not the sloppiness that comes from mediocre musicianship, but more out of a manic energy that pulls the band along almost against its will. The breaks and breakdowns come and go with no warning and leave just as fast. This band is truly compelling."--------------------------------

---Velocity weekly------------------------------------------------------------------------


"All bands should put this much fire and passion into an album" 75 or less Reviews"---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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