Subliminal Orphans

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rock / Jam Band
Subo's debut album Soul. Remote. Control. has been reeissued! It is available now, EXCLUSIVELY ON ITUNES.

Click here or on the flyer below to purchase the full album or individual tracks directly from iTunes.

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Subliminal Orphans Trailer

February, 2007

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Subo is on hiatus. Please check individual member's pages to find out what is new with each of us!

After tearing up stages in Philadelphia and beyond, the hip-hop septet, Subliminal Orphans, releases their debut album, Soul. Remote. Control. Tu Phace, Reg and keen take care of the vocals both song and rhyme, while Wiley stands center stage on guitar, Ken on electronic and upright bass, Charlie on drums and Joaquin s. From the Poconos to West Philly and South Orange N.J., the Orphans respective origins are as diverse as their soundscape. Grounded in hip-hop and fused with a slew of different musical elements, the bands rise can be fully attributed to their stunning live show. Packed with intense jamming, straight off the top freestyles and genuine dance moves that arent made-for-TV, behold, Subliminal Orphans.



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