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Western Swing

I'm speaking to you now from the planet Bristol, though i come from an industrial system called Swindon (turn left at the black hole of calcutta and follow signs to 'north star')

and as long as I can recall I've been drawn to vinyl records and a good message. As a brief history goes.

As a kid i loved Beatles, motown, Bowie, 50's/60's, ska, northern soul, my teenage years were filled up with electro funk, later to be known (in the uk) as hip hop and as i had been into imitating the floor moves of the northern soul dancers (and a spell of robotics) it felt natural in early '83 to get into b-boying and poppin'. I started rappin'/rhymin'/spittin' etc. and sc'scr'scratchin' in '84 and have been teaching, performing or just pushed by it ever since be it in crews, solo or as those first influences would have it, bands.

All the tunes on this page were made from multiple recorded delays (i haven't got a sequencer) so it was as me nan calls it a 'make do' approach with turntable drop ins and snips of video, enjoyalso, available below is a mix i did in 2003 for the 'flows' bboy event, peep it do .


stepchilds flows mix.mp3


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