Steel Panther - Red Headed Step Child (Bonus Track) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 28, 2017
Bonus track of "Lower the Bar" album.


Here we go

You caught my attention
When you walked away
After kicking my balls
And saying I was gay
Blowing your rape whistle
Spraying me with mace
Baby my emasculation
Was my saving grace

My big fat erection
Well it was on display
I was wearing spandex
On that particular day
It was a moving target
But you have my aim
Now I'm in love with you
And you're the one to blame

Defile me more than ever before
You make me feel just like the filth on the floor
Pinch on my nipples, you're driving me wild
Come on and treat me like a red headed step child
Like a red headed step child

That's the way I like it

Hit me with the teaser
Watch me writhe in pain
Blaze me with your laser
Cut my skull and poke my brain

I need you now, love me till it hurts
Jab my appendix till it ruptures and squirts
Fist fuck my butt hole, you're driving me wild
Come on and beat me like a red headed step child.

All rights reserved by Steel Panther.
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