Sprague Brothers

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Wichita Falls Records
"The Song" and "Changing the World, One Chick at a Time" are their newest releases! After their two critically acclaimed Hightone CD's, this West Texas duo launched a rock'n'roll invasion, appearing on 2 world tours, CBS television, featured on two NPR shows, etc. Favorable reviews in Playboy, Rolling Stone, Washington Post, etc, confirms the "Spraguemania" that has spread all the way to Japan! On these new releases, (their 3rd and 4th on Wichita Falls Records), the boys are back with new originals, as well as some great covers. All of these songs are performed in the style of Buddy Holly, Bobby Fuller, Everly Bros, and the Ventures, all with their own inimitable Sprague sound, of course. Brand new release is "4 New Smashing Songs!" No Sprague Bros. collection is complete without these soon to be classic songs!


"The Sprague Brothers come on like a great lost West Texas rock band" Dave Marsh, PLAYBOY Magazine

"The Sprague Brothers are

reminiscent of the Beatles or

the Everly Brothers, but

with a sound that is very

much their own".

Bob Boilen , NPR

"the best Jerry Lee Lewis song the Killer never wrote,“Rock’n’Roll.” Dan Forte, Vintage Guitar Mag

"The Spragues avoid the trap of pale tribute and instead crackle with raw authenticity". Michael Becker, North Shore News

"If Sinatra’s ‘Rat Pack’ had been into Early Elvis, The Sprague Brothers would have been the house band.” --The Washington Post

"What really stands out for me are their voices though. Great harmonies on great original melodies, with the kind of clear vocal style that reminds me of Bobby Fuller. Very memorable tunes". Anthony Mason, CBS news

"Most non-non-triumphant!" Keanu Reeves, At the Lava Lounge, Hollywood CA

"The Sprague Brothers play rockabilly and Merseybeat-influenced roots rock with such a sure touch that at their best, it's hard to tell their stuff from actual vintage material." AMG Review by Mark Deming, March 2007
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