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Ghastly Plastics Corp.
The Ghastly Ones emerged from the grave to haunt the SoCal surf and Garage scene in the fall of 1996. Hailing from Van Nuys, California these swingin' undertakers took their inspiration from the hopped up sounds of early sixties surf and hotrod outfits like The Lively Ones, Avengers VI, The New Dimensions, and the Fender IV and mixed it with their obsession with late night monster movies, Halloween records and Screaming Lord Sutch to patent their "spooky surf" sound.

In 1997 The Ghastly Ones recorded their debut album "A-Haunting we will Go-Go", which was released world-wide by Geffen Records. They toured with the Brian Setzer Orchestra and Southern Culture on the Skids and even composed and recorded music for the Halloween episode of the ever popular cartoon show, SpongeBob Squarepants! Now that's pretty spooky!

After an extended hiatus, The Ghastly Ones returned to haunt the airwaves with a 10 song EP of rare and unreleased tracks titled "All Plastic Assembly Kit". This limited edition CD quickly sold out.

A brand new full-length CD titled "Target: DRACULON" soon followed and it is currently in its third pressing! Thanks for your killer support! Pick up a copy at

The latest Ghastly Ones CD "UNEARTHED" was released August 3 2007 and is currently in its second pressing!! Pick it up at.

This spooktacular disc features new versions of classic ghastly tunes such as Ghastly Stomp, Haulin' Hearse and Werewolves on Wheels, previously out of print and available on this disc for the first time ever featuring organ by Dave Klein aka “Captain Clegg”. RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE gave it a 4 skull rating and called it "a must for recent Dead-votees of the band". Dig it!

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