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Federico Durand : "La siesta del cipre's"

release date : April 2010 (WORLDWIDE)

cat : KK023 / format : CD

"Music for a nap" produced by Federico Durand from Argentina. His debut album sounds like if watching a dreamy fairytale processing various instruments into sine wave-like tones. Simply beautiful and touching.

At the time I was creating "La siesta del cipre's" I was very interested, and still am, in the sensations produced by listening to music while falling asleep. In Spanish, the word "duermevela" names that instant when we are awake and not asleep; a territory of fog and extreme lucidity. Listening to music in "duermevela” makes us enter the world of melodies, of insights and memories; the world of “La siesta del cipre's€.

For La siesta del cipre's€ I worked for a long time with an old PC, which was over ten years old. Accordingly, the recording process was very slow and arduous, but rewarding with time. The album became a search of simplicity as craft. Sounds of cassette tapes reinforce, as an allegory, my imagination of beauty and love to rusticity.

[Text by Federico Durand]


Ken Ikeda : "Kosame"

release date : April 2010 (WORLDWIDE)

cat : KK024 / format : CD

New York based Japanese sound artist Ken Ikeda's 4th album is an extraordinary experience of deep listening to microscopic vibrations and fluctuations around you. Fine pieces of found art.

For the past few years, I've been approaching the idea of taking sine waves (which is eminent in techno and ambient music) into the inner side of human thought, reinterpreting the circulating harmonic overtones within the vagueness of the word "Yuragi (=fluctuation)". But under the global economy, techno or so-called ambient music were standardized to a somewhat convenient product, and there seems to be no room left for the vagueness. But again, these sounds took birth by sampling and simulating pre-existing music. At the time, there were at least some critical elements left.

Around the last album, I felt the limit of using techno-ish sine waves. I decided to go on a venture listening closely and touching the sounds surrounded in personal daily life, to re-recognize "time" and "space" as a sound artist

from the point where the sounds evolve and fade away. Raindrops on the window, a squeaking pillar, an opened door, stairs, boiling water in the kitchen There were Yuragi everywhere. I couldn't help myself being fascinated by

the subtle, yet dense frequencies within the nature such as the shore, and mountain trees. It was not just by sampling this myriad of sounds, but the challenge of how distant I could get from the conventional ideas and sense of values of music, by taking it as a movement of myself as an individual.

This time again, I used the handmade wood & rubber instrument (SD404) to form an opposite relationship between "performer" and "nature" (or "captured sounds" versus "unable-to-capture sounds"). When you actually play it, you can feel the Yuragi within the instrument itself. The shades of the effects like "cutoff" and "resonance" essentially becomes closer to the beauty of nature. "Kosame" is an experiment to set the sounds free from pre-existing frames, by overlapping the randomly listed nature sounds and the improvisational elements of an individual. Yuragi arises from these two unique movements without going against each other.

[Text by Ken Ikeda]



Established in January 2004 by Nao Sugimoto (aka mondii) based in Tokyo, Japan. Spekk explores and focuses on various interpretations of minimalism ranging from experimental electronics, electro-acoustic to field recordings . All the artwork is designed by mondii & uison in custom made book-shaped paper packs.


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KK023 "La siesta del cipre's" Federico Durand

KK024 "Kosame" Ken Ikeda


We are constantly looking for fresh minimalist sounds from all over the world.

If you're interested, please send your works on a CDR to the below address.

Please note that I don't check via myspace nor download links as there are so many inquiries and I prefer listening carefully to all demos at once in my studio.

Nao Sugimoto

001, 2-43-16 Chuo, Nakano-ku

Tokyo, 164-0011

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