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The Solid PR Presents compilation, volume 1, is a diverse and abstract

collection of some of the finest and most successful bands from the Solid

PR roster over the past year.

Over the past three years, Solid PR has represented and helped break

record labels, bands, and artists, into the mainstream media. Some of

these artists include GSL (owned and operated by members of the Mars Volta

and Year Future), Suicide Squeeze Records, Level-Plane Records, Hella

(featuring Zach Hill currently the drummer of Team Sleep), The Unicorns

(one of the biggest hype bands of 2004), Jesu (featuring Justin Broadrick

of Napalm Death and Godflesh fame), as well as graphic artsists

Serigraphie Populaire (AKA Seripop), and the Kaiju Big Battel, just to

name a few.

Filled with an incredible lineup of some of the most talked about and most

talented bands making music today, including Jesu (Justin Broadrick of

Godflesh), Hella (just off tour w/ Out Hud and featuring members of Team

Sleep), Man Man (just off tour w/ Arcade Fire and The Kills), Mommy and

Daddy (press darling beyond belief, just off a 90 day US tour having

played w/ the likes of Bloc Party, United States of Electronica, and

more), Crystal Skulls (featuring members of Pedro the Lion, just off tour

w/ the Wedding Present), I Am The World Trade Center, My Epiphany, and

countless others (including cult legends Discordance Axis, Year Future,

The Great Redneck Hope, Upsilon Acrux, and more!) .

The ultimate goal of this 2xCD is to bring awareness to a specific

disease, almost literally paralyzing many people around the world, and to

help aid in the possibility of potentially finding a cure.

The album is full of diverse musical acts ranging from atmospheric rock to

cabaret, hip-hop to electronica, and everything in between, and flows

almost flawlessly as if all the bands had always meant to share space

together on such a record.

This compilation is as a benefit CD for


the Solid PR Compilation is available NOW at:
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