So Cow - Joint Account [Live at The Parlour] - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 25, 2015
We had So Cow in The Parlour for our recording of Episode 4.
He played this bonus track – Joint Account - for our studio audience.

After years of recording as one man in several sheds, So Cow have recently become a full on more-than-one-man-band. Brian Kelly is joined by long-time foil Jonny White on bass and the pride of Dublin, Peter O'Shea, on drums. Recent album 'The Long Con' was recorded in a studio and, if that isn't enough, had an honest-to-goodness producer involved, namely Deerhoof's Greg Saunier. Recorded live over the course of four or so days, the album was an attempt to capture So Cow's live sound, as opposed to the overdub-happy chaos that marked the debut LPs, 2009's best-of-up-to-then compilation So Cow and 2010's Meaningless Friendly.

'The Long Con' follows on from the varied-enough style of Meaningless Friendly and their half of Out Of Season, a split LP with Dublin's Squarehead, in that it zips around various styles in a way that, to this day, makes their friends find them "hard to describe".

The band themselves are of the mind that they sound like The Chills or McLusky, but they've lost all perspective at this stage so you shouldn't go taking their word for it. Similarly, lyrics telling of joyriding local politicians, John Deacon's post-Queen level of contentment, and the terror of turning 30 can probably now be interpreted any number of ways. So Cow are currently, gloriously, inactive. That may change.

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