Zagreb, CT
Artist / Band / Musician
Electro / Minimalist / Electronica
P.O.R.N., Beef, Hadshot, Tribal Vision, 2-B-Music

Davor Tosovic and Emir Cehaic are two extremely handsome guys from Zagreb, Croatia. They are coming with a massive musical background. Emir played banjo in highschool, while Davor took lessons in singing and harmonica. After their teachers told them they were competely hopeless and that they have no sense for music at all, and after they failed at the audition for the first Croatian boy-band, they decided to go for electronic music. That's when Shuma was born.

It turned out to be a good decision, since it gave them the chance to play all over Europe and brought them recognition from numerous djs. So far, they've released tracks on Hadshot Haheizar, Beef, 2-B-Music, Tribal Vision, P.O.R.N., Ear Peaks, Groove Control, Mushroom, Homemade Electronica and Metamedia but the rumour says that they had to sleep with the label managers to get those releases.

At the moment, they are working on a new album in their studio, combining varoius styles of electronic music, from minimal to electro.

On various CDs and vinyls they've released tracks alongside artist like Trentemoeller, Minilogue, Martinez, D-Nox & Beckers, Stephan Hinz, Moonbeam, Parham & Plaza, Ticon and many others.



V/A - "Electro Inside" [Blue Tunes Recordings]

Featured artists: SoLead, Khainz & Alex, Taucher, Peter Gun, Duca, Mauricio Duarte and Human Traffic's remix to Shuma - "Bodyrock"

V/A - "Prime Cuts" [Beef Records]

Featured artists: Petersky, D-Nox, Martinez, Trentemoller, Alex Kenji, Oliveiro & MOS, Federico Giust, D.Sens & Motion and Shuma

V/A - "Inception" [Groove Control Records]

Featured artists: Parham & Plaza, Andre Absolut, Manuel Duego, Brisker & Magitman, Flame on Fire, Snake Sedrick and Shuma

V/A - "Kwarup" [Tupan Records/Ear Peaks]

Featured artists: Space Safari, Chris Cargo, Andre Absolut, Thomas Penton, Jokke and Sonic Lizard's remix to Shuma

V/A - "Trancers Guide To Galaxy" [Chaishop]

Featured artists: D-Nox & Beckers, Feuerhake & Liquid Soul, Sonic Cube, Pion, Sensifeel, Shen and Shuma

V/A - "Lime Light" [Tribal Vision Records]

Featured artists: Vision & Canedy, Minilogue, Jaia & French Kisz , Ticon, Flowjob, Rai, Holm & Andersen, Leo and Shuma


Shuma - "Fehlfunktion EP" [2-B-Music]

V/A - "Hipnocratia EP" [Hadshot Haheizar]

Featured artists: Dogma3000, Ledu, Dee Ess and Shuma


Shuma - "Munich 8AM" EP [P.O.R.N. Recordings]

Shuma - "Mission01 EP" [Beef Records]

Trevor McGregor - "High Way" (incl. Shuma remix) [Beef Records]

Shuma - "1989 is back!" EP [Beef Records]

All tracks available now at

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