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Singer-songwriter Shawn Pander was destined to tell a good story. With an appealing honesty in his roots-pop acoustic narratives and a deep appreciation for his own roots, the Texas-born Pander connects with listeners in a sincere and direct way. Pander’s blues- and jazz-influenced songs strike deeply and precisely, provoking the type of authentic emotional experience achieved by some of music’s greatest storytellers.

Pander’s own story starts as a five-year-old boy keeping his father company at work--a used car lot on the outskirts of Houston. During his time there, Pander befriended an old blues man, “Homeless” James, who played guitar along the sidewalk and gave the young man a strong and early dose of music. When the business eventually went under, Pander went to say goodbye to his unlikely companion, and the odd couple’s last encounter sent Pander on his journey as a musician. “If I’m not going to see you again, you’ll need this,” James said as he handed over the old Yamaha SG75. Decades after this landmark moment, Pander continues to work toward an appropriate ending for the story that started with James. He writes nearly all of his material on the Yamaha, and has changed nothing but its strings.

James would be proud. In 2006 Pander released his debut LP Memories 4 Sale, which broke him into national airwaves: Tracks from the album spin regularly in a dozen different AAA, Hot AC and Country markets; his first single, “Tell Mama,” is fully supported by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization, and can be heard on every USA military base radio station in the country. He has attracted national media attention, with praise from outlets such as Texas Music Magazine, which called his music, “a folk-gem that improves with each listen…his music wouldn’t be out of place on a modern rock playlist next to John Mayer or Dave Matthews.” Pander has appeared on nationally televised programs FEARLESS MUSIC TV (on FOX) and the 30-minute documentary: Behind the Lyrics; he also performed on The Dr. Phil Show, after which he sold 3,000 albums in two days through his website alone. In recent years Pander won both the John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize in the folk category, and was recognized as a Nokia Featured Artist.

In 2009 Hub City Music released some of Pander's sessions recorded across the country in a limited edition pressing with individually numbered and hand printed linear notes as the EP, Claire. The EP is for sale exclusively through this website and at all shows and can be heard all over online and terrestrial radio

In December Shawn traveled to New York to accept the very prestigious ASCAP Harold Adamson Lyric Award for the most talented and promising young songwriter in the "pop" category. Along with the great honor of accepting this award, Shawn performed "Tell Mama" at Lincoln Center during the awards program.

In the coming year expect some big news regarding a new full length release, new tour dates and some brand new merchandise!!!
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