Shane Alexander

LOS ANGELES, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Acoustic / Rock
BuddhaLand Records
Mono Solo, the fourth album from Shane Alexander, promises to be something special.
The new collection marks a quantum leap for the Los Angeles based solo artist, both in songwriting and in production. “I really wanted to stretch out this time around,” Alexander says, “there are even two instrumentals and a 55-second song. I went in with an ‘anything goes’ approach, and I’m really thrilled with the result. My goal has always been to write music that connects on a spiritual level, the way classic writers like Neil Young, Paul Simon, and Bruce Springsteen do. I don’t know that I’ll get there, but I’m definitely getting closer.” The album was produced by Billy Mohler, who co-produced Stargazer (2006) and the Sky Below (2008).
All of the songs on Mono Solo are filled with honesty and life experience. Inspired by stories picked up while touring the U.S. and Europe, seeing the effect of the economic crisis on those around him, and the tragic death of a life-long friend, each track conveys a
sense of reverence for life, love, and stability.
Nearly all of the songs from The Sky Below, Stargazer, and The Middle Way have been licensed for television – ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, Samantha Who?, Big Shots, and What About Brian?, ABC Family’s Wildfire (4 times), CBS’s Criminal Minds, Fox’s Bones, WB’s One Tree Hill, USA’s White Collar, MTV’s The Real World (4 times), Camped Out, and Laguna Beach, FX’s Damages, numerous shows and movies for Nickelodeon, Lifetime’s Movie of The Week, and many more – exposing Shane’s songs to millions worldwide.
In addition to his own runs in the U.S., Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, and Belgium, Shane Alexander performed for the biggest audiences of his career when he opened SEAL’s U.S. tour in 2008. In 2006-2007, Alexander toured constantly and was asked to open two U.S. tours with Jewel. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, he won over thousands of new fans night after night.
Shane Alexander’s Mono Solo was released internationally June 2010.
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