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.TO BOOK SECTION5. PLEASE DONT NOT CONTACT US THROUGH MY SPACE. E MAIL. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Section 5 formned in 1981 in Stoke on Trent England. Formned by Tosh & Sid the original bassist for many years. The first line up was Tosh guitar/Sid Bass/ Rat Drums & Tony Boult vocals. This line up did around 5 shows when it came clear it was not going to work out. Tony was replaced by Dave Maskery aka Mask around 1983. This line up then went on to do around 20 gigs and 13 demo tracks. On hearing these tracks Roddy Moreno then signed the band in 1985 to his label Oi! Records. By this time Tosh had taken over on vocals and the band became a 3 piece when their debut album we wont change came out in 1985. By the time the second album came out on Link records in 1987 Rat had been replaced on drums by Nik Drjuricic (think thats the spelling?) By 1988 for the Street Rock n roll album on Link they had been joined by Tezz Roberts ex Dicsharge/Broken Bones & Uk Subs. This was the line up that paved the way for what is now Section 5,s sound!After this as only Tezz knew how he settled in the states became Terry Bones and ended up with Minstry. By 1990 Tezz was replaced by Tony Sids mate on lead and Nik was replaced by Steve Walker. It was this year they released their last album on Link The Way Way we Were. But in true Tezz style he did return to the u.k to guest on Bring The Wall Down/ Too Many People & Final Fight on that album.He would later return to record They think its all over/Hammer in the nails and the Hard Life cd & play a big part in the bands comeback in 2003. But back to the early 90,s the situation of the scene started choking the band and they called it a day.The right wing left wing fights and bullshit became too much and Tosh wanted no part of it. Many more line up changes later various splits and comebacks and more splits.More albums They Think Its All Over/Fat Out Of Hell/Live n Loud/The Best Of/Rejected/Hard Life & the Superb We Stand Alone cd the band are still around today. All be it one of the laziest bands on the planet as far as doing gigs. But things are about to change in 2010. So watch this spaceMyspace Layouts / Yellow and White Layout / Hot Comments / Image Hosting
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