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Punk / Metal / Rock
The two songs you are listening to were produced by DAVE CHANG


CHEMICAL KAOS is a new band/group

Playing a crossover of METAL / PUNK / HARDCORE & ROCK

All old friends and lately lots of new ones too.

All brought together by THREE people.

All with the same ideal.

To play 100% fast, 100% full-on music and most importantly,

to have as much fun as possible doing it !!

We aint here for a long time were here for a good time!!

JJ Kaos.Bass, The Last Resort & ex-Anti-Nowhere League and The Business

Chamblz.Vocals, Brinskill Bomb-Beat

Pop.(aka Plop) Vocals, Brinskill Bomb-Beat

Sir JG Steed (aka Robbie)Guitar, The Exploited & Drive By Audio

Jock. Guitar, G.B.H.

Scott. Drums, G.B.H.

Jamie Oliver. Drums, The UK Subs

TC Rumbles.Guitar, Chemical Kaos

Robin Guy.Drums, ex-The Business

JJ Kaos, Chamblz and Pop are joined by many different friends from many different bands. The list is always expanding, but so far involved in 'the Chaos' that is Chemical Kaos. It has been. Scott (GBH), Robbie (The Exploited), Jock (GBH), Robin Guy (ex-The Business), Tone (Vice Squad), Jamie Oliver (UK Subs), Beano (FrontKick, Texas Terri-Bomb) with some very interesting new collaborations from more new old friends from other very popular bands.

So far weve had to try and merge all the 'CHAOS' that each member experiences in their own separate band and lives. and thats a lot of fuckin chaos for one band!!
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