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Our recent album, SCREAMING SECRETS is available from Noise Pollution Records and can be found at Ear,, and iTunes

Our music is available locally at Ear X-Tacy Records. If you live elsewhere, you can order directly from Darla Records.

Things people have written about us:

"If one of you big labels doesn’t latch onto Second Story Man, 50 years from now, this band would still be listed by popular music historians as one of the best bands of the 00’s on the basis of [Pins and Needles] alone.

Please, please, please pay attention to this band." - Joel Dunman,

"Second Story Man’s new album, Screaming Secrets, is a strange and beautiful beast. Equal parts punchy rock and harmonic sweetness, littered with violins, banjos and other interesting textures, it may be their breakout album." - Pawl Schwartz, LEO Weekly

"Post-rockers SSM are certainly worth checking out: Think a female-fronted Jawbreaker, with angular-gang-vocals in the style of Sleater-Kinney and bittersweet noise a la Superchunk thrown in for good measure." - River Front Times

"If you're going to take four years between records, you better make damn sure it's worth the wait, and "Red Glows Brighter" is." -Velocity Weekly

"[Red Glows Brighter is] a rich, phenomenally engaging effort that is as imaginative and full of surprises as anything you'll hear this year from the big-shot indie record labels." -Cincinnati City Beat Weekly

"This record maintains the bands signature pop harmonies and quirky time changes, but it shows an incredible amount of artistic development as well. They incorporate all sorts of new influences into their bag of tricks. The album includes some familiar Second Story Man sounds (Catalyst), harder rock (Mitey Might), psychedelic surf-rock (Letter to Be), ethereal Flaming Lips-esque space pop (When Your Dreams Expire) and southwest groove a la The Cure (Cancer Dance). The highlight of the album is its hidden track, a haunting, echo-filled acoustic number that prominently showcases the bands trademark vocal harmonies." -LEO Weekly

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