Lucky Pineapple

Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Punk / Indie
Noise Pollution Records (Louisville, KY)
Nashville Scene "Lucky Pineapple's songs are built up out of dark, suspenseful melodic lines and solid, funk-influenced drum patterns, with guitars, trombone and other instruments layered over them. (The band brought with them a huge array of guitar effects pedals, as well as a plastic bin of unusual percussion instruments.) These multi-part compositions earn comparisons to Captain Beefheart through their use of unexpected rhythmic shifts. The band was remarkably tight."

Last Days of Man on Earth: "Like kinda if Zappa was in Slint and they went vacationing in the Peruvian Andes and then came back and recorded an album immediately. See, my number one complaint about prog and proglike dreck like math rock is that it is boring as fuck. I rented a Tortoise album once from the library and it nearly killed me. I have the scars to prove it. But Lucky Pineapple is really fun and entertaining and surprising. This is a really great album and it throws in a lot of disparate elements together while being totally engaging."

Eric Condon, Louisville Eccentric Observer: "This sophomore release from Louisville favorites Lucky Pineapple follows the parameters of a classic prog-rock album, letting eight songs sprawl and luxuriate over 42 mostly instrumental minutes. The sometimes-epic track lengths are hardly the only thing progressive about Lucky Pineapple: Their freewheeling eclecticism, fearless genre-jumping and loose-limbed compositional approach invite comparisons with King Crimson and Eno-era Talking Heads, with a little Hot Rats thrown in for good measure."

Joshua Hammann, Velocity: "Lucky Pineapple offers sprawling, winding compositions that defy many of the suggested guidelines for writing pop music, and we are all the better for it. There are moments of rock, funk, jazz, and even tribal tensions, and they are moments created out of Lucky Pineapple’s insistence upon writing music, not just songs.”.

Stephen George, Louisville Eccentric Observer: “The band draws from a wild tapestry of influence, with some bounce like good reggae and awkward time signatures (like jazz drummer Hamid Drake, perhaps). There’s some Zappa absurdity welded into the frame, but the sound’s got good wheels that roll enough to really make you move.”

Jason Jordan, Ultimate Metal: "With songs that recall the vibrant shimmering of tropical paradises – by way of the titles and music itself naturally – it’s difficult to resist lying back and feasting on the fruits of Lucky Pineapple."

Lucky Pineapple: seven people, seven points-of-view. A schizo-suicide of stylings and sounds. Decide for yourself.

(Thank you Aron!)

(Thank you Jessica!)
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