Russian Circles — Deficit Guitar Cover - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 29, 2013
[Watch in HD]
— This song belongs to Russian Circles —

Hey everyone! Hope you guys dig this cover for 'Deficit' by the awesome 3 piece band Russian Circles, you can find this song on their latest album; Memorial — Which is considered between the best 50 metal albums of 2013.

It's all about groove. These guys are not about the technical/riffy/fast/complex/überheavy stuff, even so they're awesome musicians, period. And that's why i loved their music since the first time i listened to them. Lots of feeling, evolving dynamics, natural, smart, yet simple.

I wish i had my looper at hand, so i could cover some other songs though.

The tuning i used there might be a complete nonsense but it worked. Mr Sullivan tends to change his tunings around pretty much so i just adjusted the guitar to work with the song.

B - F# - B - E - A# - D# So its basically a Drop B with the two top weird strings but sticking to the normal Drop B should work too.

Things used:
Fender Tele + SD JB 59 Bridge & Stock Neck pup.
Tuner - EHX Memory Toy - Maxon OD808 - To amp - Sm57 - Neve 5032 - PT LE 8.
Its kind of hard to match Sullivan's tone :/

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