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PUBLISHED:  Apr 21, 2011
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[Pleasure Singing:]


I been staring at you (Girl I been staring at you)
Said I'm attracted to you (I'm attracted to you)
But you way too young for me girl
I been staring at you (Girl I keep staring at you)
Said I'm attracted to you (I'm attracted to you)
But you way too young for me girl

[Verse 1: Spectacular]

Baby girl lookin' good day by day
Lil' Jon chick hope she say its okay (okay)
But what's up with these childish games you playing on my phone number
But I'm bout to leave you alone
Why you still acting like you in the 6th grade
All I'm trying to do is chill wit' you and get paid
It's a shame bad news caught you at my crib
Snoopin' through my room
Lookin' like a spy kid; bad as you is
I had ta give you props; but den I had to stop
When you got hot cuz' I wouldn't give you this lollipop
When you finally grow up let me know
Text Pretty Ricky 73804 fo' sho'


[Verse 2: Baby Blue]

Girl you got a body like you 18
But you way to young for my fantasy
I would date you; but a player might get caught
And I ain't tryin' ta hear ya mami mouth in court

I know I love you
You know you love me
So can you wait just 1 mo'year for me
I'm lookin' for a baby mama
Girl let's make some drama
I ain't worried cuz' my bank account got commas
So holla at me when you turn 18
But until den all I can do is daydream
Cuz' ya lips look soft
Girl hang my posters on ya wall
Kiss 'em every nite cuz' I feel it all


[Verse 3: Slick 'Em]

2:30 in da school zone (all day)
You know I'm tryna fun wit' you (all day)
But got damn you wearin' dat thong girl (all day)
I'm thinkin' bout doin' something so wrong (something so wrong)
Everybody know the type
Walkin' down da street lookin' like 20 or 18
Baby girl fine
Off in da ride
Conversation just right
But we can't do nothin' that's a little jail time
I can't even risk it
Maybe we can chill or kick it
I'll be ya umm...Mr. Fix It
Play it from a distance
Got me wishin' you was 1 year older so I could get off in it
And uh if its grass on da football field, u know I'm gon' ball tryin'to get dem panty draws
Dey gon' put me behind bars, tryna grab it like a claw
And I'm like f**k da law
Oh law (Oh law)...I ain't scared
I ain't tryna to get caught Dead, Red handed
Abandoned from my family; it's goin' down like da Titanic

[Repeat Chorus until the end]
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