Remy Le Boeuf

NEW YORK, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Experimental
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Hello! Thanks for checking out my myspace page! I often like to post my more experimental projects here, and to be perfectly honest, I usually keep it more updated than my website. Feel free to say hello! I'm from Santa Cruz California (.not LA.) and moved to New York in 2004 with my twin brother Pascal (aka iPascal). I have my roots in the jazz, but since moving to NY i've developed interests in many other genres and i find myself having affairs constantly with other styles. Lately especially electronic music and 20th century classical music. If I had to listen to one thing for the rest of my life it would be "The Rite of Spring" by Stravinsky. My favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor is Dublin Mudslide. I like the smell of wet cement. I have an affinity to Canada. I think intelligence is relative. I hope you know me better now. (=


The next Le Boeuf Brothers release, "House Without a Door" is now available on CD Baby and iTunes.
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